28 to 43 Yr Old Thai Women ACTIVELY SEEKING Love

For passport bros, a tribe of men enthused by international dating, Thai women in Bangkok can be ideal potential partners.

Through Thailand solo travel, dating agencies offer virtually every way to meet Thai women looking for marriage. Bangkok has one of the best dating apps for foreigners, including online dating tips that encourage guys to embrace the passport bro ethos, focusing on meeting Asian girls in person rather than spending too much time behind screens.

The true key to success lies in offline dating, which encourages men to date Asian women out of their nation in the land of smiles.

If you want to get to know someone in your locale, the most efficient way to do it is to go out and interact with women face to face as a means to develop a connection. Similarly, once you travel abroad, dating Asian women becomes more productive.

Several times a year, countless Thai ladies from Chiang Mai to Pattaya gather at an international dating event in Bangkok, hoping to find their future “farang” husband.

Now, we know why Western men seeking love and marriage are dating overseas. But we’ve yet to tackle why Thai women marry foreign men.

Life in Thailand is actually much more comfortable than many Western men might imagine. The reality of living in Thailand is far from its negative misrepresentation in some Western media.

Where Thai culture lacks, though, is in fidelity – particularly on the local guys’ part. Intracultural relationships in Thailand have a fairly low success rate. There simply aren’t enough Thai men who are ready for a serious girlfriend in Bangkok.

Meanwhile, year in and year out, foreign guys are dating in Thailand for the express purpose of finding a Thai wife. Obviously, marriage minded Thai girls would rather marry a guy who exhibits the quality of a better bachelor, which contributes to the growing number of Thai women that date internationally.

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