Dating Culture in Bangkok Thailand: A Complete Guide for Men

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Bangkok has become one of the most visited places across the globe because of its tourist destinations which cater unforgettable adventures, Thai food and Thai culture. With the mention of it, dating culture in Bangkok also comes in. Countless men across the world visit Thailand for one reason: to meet beautiful Bangkok women. Just like any other capital city, Bangkok has its own rules to be followed when it comes to dating. The dating culture in Bangkok is unique and is influenced by the traditions Thai people practice. Here are some of it:

  • Men always pay.
    This one is the most basic. This culture is one of the natures in terms of dating worldwide. In Thailand, the man generally pays for all the bills since in most cases, it is expected for men to earn more than women. It may also sound insulting for men to let women pay their meals and travel fees.
  • Bringing of companion.
    Do not be in shocked if your Thai date brings a friend along with her. It is part of their culture to bring a companion when dating for security and safety purposes. For a virtuous girl to bring a friend with her in first dates is not a negative point. If you do not want such, you can ask her anyway; just tell her you do not like the idea. Nevertheless, chances are slim for that. For the date to go smoothly, just let her; this often happens for first dates after all.
  • No sex before marriage.
    Most women from Thailand are raised with this thought. They are taught to only have sex when they are already married. They give their virginity to the man they are married to because they believe it is the only and most precious gift they can offer to their husband. In dating single Bangkok women, it is best to respect this idea to earn her unconditional love and trust.
  • Never attempt to touch her head.
    In Bangkok, each part of the body symbolizes different things. For instance, in some countries, hands are considered as the dirtiest part of the body. In Thai culture, however, it is the feet that are considered dirtiest while the head is the most sacred part of the body. Hence, touching your date’s head for whatever reason is a bad-manner for Thai people. It is insulting for them if you do touch it. When you are in a Thai woman’s house with her family members, avoid attempting to touch any area of her head.
  • Avoid physical intimacy in public places.
    If you are used to public display of affection with your past relationship, NEVER apply that with Thai women. Thai women do not do that. They are pretty cautious with their emotions especially when they are out with a lot of people. Do not feel bad if she is more tender with her friends than you. It does not mean anything concerning with your relationship. They are just very discreet and subtle for it is part of Thai culture.

Be sure to know these salient Bangkok dating etiquettes before trying to date women from Thailand.

Qualities of Bangkok Women

Many may wonder why most Thai singles are sought-after as wives by foreign men. Thai ladies have different ways in showing their affection to their loved ones. Since it is natural for them, numerous men came rushing to their place to marry these women. Aside from their alluring beauties, the qualities of Thai girls are one of the reasons why men around the world keep on seeking for Bangkok bride-to-be. Here are some proofs:

  • Thai women are excellent cooks.
    This is one of the qualities every Thai woman is proud of and this is also included in Thai culture. They always want to cook for people they love. With this alone, it is guaranteed that they are the kind of women you would want to bring home. Their cooking skills are the best!
  • They are family-oriented.
    Like Colombian people, Thai women also possess a strong family attachment. They give importance to family ties. Women from Thailand are brought up to be caring and loving to every member of the family.
  • Thai women hold a strong set of family values.
    Thai women also possess traditional family values that make them excellent wives. In marrying, this factor must be considered if you want to make raising your very own family an exciting one. They are raised with the thinking that family is the most important aspect in life.
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  • They are friendly and respectful.
    Bangkok, Thailand is known for being the ‘land of smiles’ because of this. Every Thai is cheerful, discreet and polite. Being respectful and friendly is an important value in their society. They are outgoing too and they love adventures. You can always hear these things from people who have visited Thailand.
  • Thai wives are very faithful to their husband.
    Bangkok women love their husbands more than other ladies in the west. Loyalty, honesty and genuine love are what they can truly offer to men who are also willing to settle down with them. Thai ladies consider their husbands as the only person for them. Cheating is way too far for their reach.
  • They do household chores religiously.
    They are not just good and beautiful physically; they can also manage to do household works while taking care of their family. They are not just good partners in life but best mothers for their children too. Their versatility is every man’s weakness.
  • Thai women are very feminine in nature.
    If you want to date women who are very feminine in every way, Thai singles ladies are the best for you. They don’t behave like a man unlike many women from western countries. They always want to look feminine and behave in an extreme feminine way.
  • They value commitment.
    Most Thai women are fond of talking about love than money. What they are after is real commitment. They want a serious relationship and not just fun. They never give a crap about playing. For them, dating is inspirational as well as devotional. Their goal in dating is no other than marriage alone.

Questions To Ask a Thai Girl

As conservative and culturally-inclined Thai women may seem, men should really be careful in asking questions or even in giving compliments to a Thai woman. What is applicable in one’s country may be impermissible in theirs, thus filtering your words is a must.

In times of dating, men tend to appear interested in a certain woman by asking her tons of questions and/or vice versa in order to know if she is the right one. To help you, here are the following topics you should and shouldn’t consider in conversing during a Thai date:

  • Food. For every Thai woman, the most important topic for them is probably food. As Thai people love food more than anything, raising a topic about it makes the environment easy, fun and less awkward. It is not a hidden fact that Thai people love to prepare and eat exotic food; thus, don’t give a damn in expressing negative feedbacks on what they eat as that is considered as very disrespectful on their part.
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  • Shopping. Next to food, talking about shopping is what Thai girls love the most. In Thailand, shopping has become the national pastime over the years because almost every Thai goes shopping daily. Also, you can strike a joke with her. Don’t be serious; they won’t like it.
  • Family. Thai people have extremely strong attachments with their family, hence, talking or raising a question about it especially during first dates is quite impressive. Women from Thailand like men who value and think that family is the most important part of life.
  • Avoid talking too much about what you do. People in general love to brag about their job; however, when it comes to dating a Thai, you must avoid talking more about what you do for living. They may not be interested in talking about such.
  • Avoid talking about money. With an honorable Thai woman, money is more likely the last thing that comes in her mind. Bragging about how much money you make during your first few dates results into negative impressions. You can somehow talk about it when your relationship becomes more serious and deeper.
  • Avoid talking about sex. When dating with a Bangkok woman, avoid the subject of sex or even cute jokes about it. Doing such will only make her think you are only after sex and not for a serious and long-term relationship as what she wants.

Those can help you smoothen the dating flow with your Thai date. Just make sure you won’t go below the belt to avoid bad impressions from her. By it, you are guaranteed to have a deep relationship with your Thai girl.

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