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Having someone familiar beside you when you wake up is just one of the many joys that marriage brings. But of course, before getting to that ecstatic feeling of comfort with someone, every relationship starts with dates and believe it or not, it helps you to get to know your “one true love”; who knows that you might find her miles away, in the land of smiles? Among of the world’s most adorable women include single Bangkok women!

Bangkok is not only known for housing some of the world’s best food but also for having some of the world’s best women. Having these Bangkok women for a date would be just the start of a whole new adventure in love. And while dating is on the line, it is important that you should know the basics of Bangkok dating to really get your girl fall in love with you:

Dating Etiquette in Bangkok, Thailand

One thing you need to know about Thailand is its culture. Yes, it is a must that you get to be familiar with how to do things the Thai way especially when you are trying to swoon a beautiful Thai lady. Thai culture has had little influence from culture outside of the kingdom of Thailand, however, it remains unique and preserved.

Western guys find it difficult to date Thai women for marriage due to their cultural differences. What is normal in your country may be weird and uncomfortable for Thai women. One example for this is public display of affection. Thailand is a part of Asia and it is a widely known fact that Asian women are conservative. Hence, you have to be careful in showing intimacy toward your Thai girl. These girls are one of those conservative and shy ones that you can seldom find in this modern and technology-engaged world.

Dating Thai women would not just mean dating a single person. As much as they should be confident with their undeniable good looks, they tend to bring a friend to a date because of their shy nature. This means that you are not only to entertain your partner but as well as her circle of friends. Well, one of the most effective ways in knowing a person deeply would be through her friends. Take this as an opportunity to get to know more of your soon-to-be bride.

These Thai women are very family-oriented. They live with their families-- thus, winning her family’s heart is an additional point for you. They also love sweet gestures such as picking them up, complimenting them sincerely, giving them flowers and taking them to dates-- you can never go wrong with these. To have better chances with her, you have to get to know what she’s like and what she delights religiously even if you don’t necessarily go to church.

Dating Deal Breakers for Bangkok Women

Now that you already know what to expect when dating a woman from the city of smiles, it is equally important to know the things you should AVOID during your dates. Bangkok women or Thai women in general are sensitive in nature especially in terms of Thai dating culture so you have to be very careful. Here are a few deal breakers when it comes to Bangkok dating:

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  • Playing “the game” with her. This one definitely goes on top of the list. Bangkok women are serious when it comes to relationships. They do not enjoy casual dating but instead, they want a long term relationship. This is one reason why these women are perfect for men seeking for serious relationships. They do not want to play games and would most likely shrug you off if marriage is not one of your intentions in dating her.
  • Financial instability. If you’re thinking that this goes on the list because these women are gold diggers, you have to think again. Bangkok women tend to look forward for the future. A man has to be financially-secured to be able to provide a good future for her and the future family she expects to build with you. A stable income would mean better opportunities for the family--who would not want to have that?
  • Aggressive sexual advantages. You should always bear in mind that Bangkok women are conservative and reserved. They do not agree to have sex before marriage; that being said, you may have to wait until you get married to go down with her in any sexual means. They want you to treat them as women and not as sexual objects. Again, Bangkok women are women for marriage.
  • Not putting weight on her opinions and decisions. Although Bangkok women are usually timid and shy, they are independent in many ways. They would like you to respect her decisions and consider her opinions as much as she respects and considers yours. You have to treat her like an equal because she too has a mind of her own.
  • Comparing her to another woman you know. Every girl has their own insecurities and maybe this one is a general fact; however, you still need to keep this in mind. Never try to compare her to any other woman because she is unique in her ways.

Date Ideas for Bangkok Women

Taking your girl on a date would most certainly help you make her head over heels for you. When you know where to take your girl, she will definitely look forward on spending more time with you. Let these be your guide to a romantic and fun date with your love:

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  • A dinner date under the twinkling stars. This one is absolutely great especially if you are trying to show off your romantic side. Imagine yourself having a moment with the one you love under the blanket of stars. You could expect some extra points on this one.
  • Taking her on top of the world. This one may seem impossible but it’s actually attainable, at least on the feels of it. Bangkok is surrounded with buildings of astounding heights. Take her on a date to see the shining lights of the city below and make her feel like she is on top of the world. If it fits on your budget, take her on a helicopter ride and see how her eyes dazzle on the lights below her!
  • Go on a stroll in the castles around Bangkok. Make her feel as if she is one of those beautiful disney princesses. Take her on a stroll in the beautiful castles in Bangkok and let the childish princess side in her be exposed. Every girl would love to be treated as one and this is definitely an opportunity to treat her the way she deserves to be.
  • Escape the room dates. No, this doesn’t mean you have to lock your date inside a room; rather, it means that you can take her on an intellectual and fun date. Bangkok offers rooms which you have to escape together by solving riddles and puzzles. This is one way to get to know the intellectual capabilities of your date and to show off how smart you can be.

Play around with your thoughts on how you would want your partner to have the best experience with you during your dates. Whatever there is that you have planned for your date, rest assured that these women will have high regards into spending time with you. Have an amazing time in the land of smiles and date the woman of your dreams “the Thai way.”

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