Bangkok Women Dating Hurdles

Translators always help in communicating to Thai women. Matchmakers do introductions, set up dates, and translate for us. How do we know for sure if they’ve been doing a good job?

In speed dating, foreign men looking for love in Bangkok are usually skeptical about using translators on dates. They believe some may be to be disingenuous, often based on advice they find on the internet suggesting NOT to trust them.

However, are there any truths to that? That depends on which Thai translating services you choose to employ.

According to Bangkok matchmakers, switching up the translators when dating Thai women would be a great way to deal with translators who are disingenuous. Mistakes are bound to happen along the way so if you want to avoid getting scammed use this method to make sure they're making the right translations for you.

If ever Thai women bring someone from the family as a translator, don’t be alarmed. Just politely decline their offer and tell them that you’re more comfortable with your matchmaker. Most Thai girls will agree to you so long as you tell them politely.

However, should you find yourself dating a Thai woman with a relative as a translator on your date, it would be nice if you also care to buy them a small meal if you intend to have a longer date. Yes, you might not be hoping for it but think that they’re not paid to do this for you. He/ she was only there to make your date comfortable. Afterall, most Asian women come with a chaperone to accompany them on a first date.

Spending $8 on Bangkok food would not cost an arm or leg compared to your dates in the West which usually cost about $8,000 to $10,000 dollars a year.

So, if you want to take a chance, fly to Thailand. Join the tours and find your future Thai wife.

There’s lots to explore, especially Pattaya located just south of Bangkok.

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