Do Thai Girls Have a PROBLEM with Age Gap? | Bangkok Dating

It’s common to see Thai girls dating older men. Just as common as foreign men dating younger women in Thailand. People are often too quick to voice judgment on age gaps. They even go so far as to accuse Thai girls of being a gold digger if they date a man outside of an arbitrary age gap, assigned by the critic. But the truth is, mixed age relationships are a part of real life in Bangkok, which has history dating back well beyond the advent of the internet or WMAF relationships. Truly, relationships marked by age gaps are even more common than couples with no age gap for many Thai women.

There is such a thing as a normal age gap, however. A 30 year age gap is simply an overly large age gap. Relationship struggles may ensue, and the love story can be short lived. But when it comes to more conservative age differences, people don’t usually mind the gap.

For Thai women, dating someone older is the norm. People of Asia are remarkably family oriented and traditional. This yields a number of reasons why women like older men in Asian countries. Thai girls looking for love also seek older foreigners because, in their experience, a WMAF (Western Male, Asian female) marriage tends to last longer. Strangely, it’s harder to find a local guy who can give what Thai girls want in a relationship.

With all the amazing stories online about dating Thai girls, more foreign guys are asking how to meet Thai girls. Love seeking tourists are filing singles vacations to Bangkok and Pattaya chasing their dream of lifelong connections by dating in Thailand. Western romance seekers who are not as ready for dating beyond borders – yet still want to know what Thai girls think of them – are also flooding the Thai dating apps.

Before they jump at the next opportunity for solo Thailand travel, younger bachelors should know that they may yet to have the things Thai girls love in a man. What Thai girls love is someone who appears marriage minded and few Thai girls are so easily convinced that a man in his 20s is ready for a wife. So younger guys may want to seek relationship advice from a Bangkok matchmaker, who’ll guaranty a better match among Thai women closer in age.

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