I Still LIVE WITH MOM - What Will Thai Girls THINK?!

Every year, more Western men chase their dreams of lifelong connections by dating beyond borders. A number of foreigners are interested in meeting Thai girls looking for love because it’s getting harder to guaranty a match with a marriage minded woman in the West.

Despite the many single ladies on domestic dating apps, Western guys continue to pack singles tours to Bangkok in search of a Thai wife. There are more Americans who visit Bangkok via solo travel but end up living in Thailand – not only because Pattaya beaches are like a piece of paradise but also because they appreciate the unique happiness a Thai girl can offer.

Thai dating scene is experiencing an imbalance similar to that in the United States. Family oriented Thai women can’t seem to find a man domestically who shares their philosophy when it comes to relationships. Although conservatism is big in Southeast Asia generally, there seems to be a lack of Asian bachelors willing to provide what Thai girls think to be important.

International dating is an excellent way to recognize differences between cultures. To matchmakers, Western culture vs Eastern culture boils down to singles in need of a cupid. As previously mentioned, many love seeking tourists are also interested in dating Thai girls to marry and raise a family with. Many foreigners are beginning to realize that dating Thai girls is an excellent way for them to find beautiful things like love and marriage, which they would have often otherwise missed through domestic dating.

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