Indecisive Foreigner COULD'VE MARRIED Thai Wife 5 YEARS AGO

Dozens of foreign guys are scouring the best dating apps for their future Thai wife, especially men embracing the passport bro culture currently flooding social media. However, most online dating tips fail to mention that while Asian dating apps could be the tinder to ignite your relationship, not even the best dating app can guaranty a match if you’re unwilling to visit Thailand.

If you dream of lifelong connections with Thai women, dating beyond borders is the way to find your future love, especially in the magic city of Bangkok.

If you don’t wish to join the millions of expats in Thailand, don’t worry – living in Thailand isn’t necessary for dating Thai women. While many foreign bachelors will bumble into their special Thai woman when they retire in cities like Pattaya or Bangkok, a passport bro is almost as likely to find his special Thai girl via solo travel.

While expats living in Thailand have little to complain about, life in Asia has its ups and downs – especially for the average Thai woman, whose desire to be someone’s bride used to hinge on local men’s strength towards keeping Bangkok nightlife at a healthy distance.

Lucky for both Thai women and passport bros, marriage oriented Thai dating apps are available to help foster such interracial relationships. In addition to providing sound Thai dating advice, the Asian cupids behind these apps arrange speed dating events, where like minded foreign men and Thai women meet to achieve their dream of lifelong connections.

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