Should I Marry My Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok? Matchmaker Q&A

A huge tribe of men dream of having a Thai girlfriend. But few realize, when foreigners start a relationship with their Thai girlfriend, dating milestones also get complicated.

If they choose to get married in Bangkok, foreigners will have to wait a long time before they can bring their Thai wife back home.

“But my Thai girlfriend really wants to have a traditional Bangkok marriage ceremony.”

Of course, foreigners getting married in Thailand does happen. Many Asian women do prefer welcoming married life in Thailand, where their families can participate in the celebration.

Besides, if the international couple can agree on living in Thailand for good, then having to wait for a green card won’t be any issue.

That said, though Thailand solo travel can be life changing in the best way, many American guys, as well as some Thai girls, would still rather raise their families in the United States. For this reason, Asian matchmakers generally recommend that the Thai woman get a K1 visa (90 Day Fiance Visa) and move in with her future American husband.

This way, if they unfortunately decide against marrying and the Thai girl overstays her 90 day fiance visa, neither will have to worry about undergoing divorce while 8000+ miles apart.

So, do you want a Thai girlfriend?

Above are only some of the many reasons to seek an Asian cupid’s matchmaking services – not to mention, no one can advise you where to find a good Thai girlfriend better than a Bangkok dating expert.

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