BANGKOK IS LIKE MIAMI'?! Passport Bros Dating Thai Women

What attracts men to Thai women is mainly their traditional values. But there are more reasons why, to many passport bros, Thailand has the best modern women.

Who are the passport bros?

They’re a tribe of men, mainly from the West, dating beyond borders in search for love and marriage.

Passport bros hate how today’s Western culture has impacted local dating, and – if the Comments section is to be believed – their open frustration has earned them the ire of many Western women.

However, the Asian reaction to passport bros is largely positive. Thai girls, particularly, welcome foreign guys dating in Thailand.

Similarly, passport bros’ reaction when they meet Thai women is often a pleasant surprise. Many even progress to marrying Thai women and, in a good number of cases, living in Thailand.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Before you start researching the best place to retire in Thailand for a WMAF couple, think first on where to find Thai women.

Bangkok is an excellent place for that. Each year, countless Western men and Thai women fall in love in the Land of Smiles’ capital.

Other Bangkok dating tips concern Thai women and Black men, specifically. Do Thai women like Black men? Short answer: as long as he can be loyal to his Thai girlfriend.

A Thai woman cares much less about your skin color than your attitude to relationships. Unfortunately, odds are the Thai girl you’ll be wooing is seeking a better bachelor among foreigners due to issues with infidelity on local guys’ part.

Ultimately, of all the tips for dating Thai women, the most crucial involves moving on from international dating apps and pursuing a real-world relationship with your future Thai wife.

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