How To Budget For A Trip To Thailand

A trip to Thailand sure sounds like fun, doesn’t it? But the thing is that something like that can cost quite a pretty penny. Between the airfare, accommodations, food, and miscellaneous expenses, the costs can stack up quite high.

Now, you might be able to just bear the cost of it and that’s good for you. But if you can’t, you’re probably going to want to get your travel budget all set so that you can actually go to Thailand and have a reasonably good time when you actually get there.

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Figure Out How Much You’re Willing To Spend

The most important thing about budgeting for a trip anywhere is coming up with a number that you’re willing to spend. Everything else is going to be secondary to this. Once you come up with a number that you’re comfortable spending, then you can start planning everything else.

The number that you come up with is going to determine everything else about your trip.

You might be tempted to go to an extreme when it comes to cutting costs, but too small a number can hamper your ability to have any kind of fun or make your trip meaningful in any sense.

Too big a number and you might find that the real life you come back to when you get home might get a little complicated when it comes to your finances because you splurged on a hotel room and now your electricity bill is looking a little more intimidating than it usually does.

Some travelers who’ve been to Bangkok have said that a budget of around 2,100 baht (around 65 U.S. dollars) per day is about what you should expect to spend.

Figure Out WHERE You’re Going

When planning your Thailand trip, you should figure out where in the country you’re going. Beachside resort cities are going to cost more than a small town all the way out in the mountains or in the jungle and the cost of living in the area you’re going to is going to impact your budget by a lot.

So you need to figure out which of Thailand’s cities and towns you’re going to be staying in so that you can prepare how much money you’re going to need to be comfortable when you’re there. Phuket, for example, is one of the pricier destinations for tourists and Bangkok is one of the most expensive destinations for expats in the world.

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Once you’re set on a city, you’re also going to have to consider where you’re going to stay. Renting an apartment or a house may cost less than some hotel rooms, but you won’t get the same amenities as you would in a hotel, like a maid who comes in everyday to tidy up while you’re out.

Figure Out WHEN You’re Going

Location isn’t the only thing you need to get right when you’re planning your travel budget. You also need to consider your timing. Going during peak tourist season is a great way to make sure you pay the highest possible prices when it comes to airfare and accommodation. For example, according to Kayak, the cheapest month to visit Thailand is September.

Going during times outside of peak season can mean paying a lot less for rentals and hotel rooms, which is great since they won’t be as crowded and you won’t have to deal with big crowds when you go to popular tourist spots. Plus, the admission can sometimes be lower during the down season, so you’ll save a bit of money.

Peak season in Thailand usually starts in November and ends around April, with the end of the season generally being seen as Songkran, the Thai New Year. June through October can be particularly good about this, as it’s the low season and prices can be slashed by as much as half.

The only drawback is that you may end up going to Thailand during monsoon season or something like that, which can explain why tourists don’t often come in droves and why the prices are relatively low.

Figure What You’re Going To Do

A trip to Thailand isn’t just going to a city and then staying in your hotel room or rental place all day. You’re probably going to do things while you’re in the country. Maybe you’ll go to tourist spots, maybe you’ll take in a show or two. Maybe you’ll do a bit of shopping.

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You’re going to have to look up what’s fun to do in the area in which you’re staying so that you can allocate space in your budget for those things that you’re going to want to do.

You’ll also want to look at how much things cost in Thailand. You’re going to want to know how much the souvenirs you’re going to buy cost so you can set aside money in your budget for the trinkets you’ll be purchasing.

Look at food. A fast food meal consisting of a burger, fries, nuggets, and a drink can cost 139 baht, which is around 4 dollars and a quarter, give or take the exchange rate.

As for souvenirs, look at spa products like essential oils and scented candles. Prices can vary, but generally fall between 40 to 1000 baht, or around 1 to 28 dollars.

You may even end up meeting someone and going on a date or two, which is going to eat at least a chunk of your allocated budget, so it’s best to look up how much restaurants charge in Thailand.

Look For Inclusive Packages

A great way to maximize your budget is to look for inclusive packages. These packages generally include airfare, accommodations, and activities at a price that’s generally better than paying for everything individually. If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, then getting an inclusive package is the best way to go.

Make Sure Your Bank Knows That You’re Traveling

Another thing you should do when it comes to your budget when you’re traveling is to make sure that your bank knows that you’re going to be out of the country. If they don’t know that you’re going to be out of the country, then they’re going to be a little suspicious when you use your credit card in Thailand, which is going to have an adverse effect on your spending power until you can straighten it out.

A lot of people want to take a trip to Thailand for a wide variety of reasons. Some may spend a little more than others, but they’re all going to spend a little bit of money. So if you do, then you’re going to want to make sure that your own budget is in order to have as fun a time as possible.

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