Bangkok Jokes: Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud

A group of friends sharing a laugh Bangkok jokes are a great way to vibe with Thai locals. Thais have a great sense of humor and are always ready to laugh out loud to lighten the mood.

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, not only because of its friendly and charming people, but also because of the locals’ wit and refreshing sense of humor. Bangkok, the country’s biggest city and capital, is no stranger when it comes to playful humor. Whether it is about food, culture, or its people, Bangkok is a city that can make you laugh out loud.

In Bangkok, jokes and humor have been around for years. And what makes these jokes funnier is the fact that Thailand’s capital city sounds hilarious to English speakers. If you ask which Thai jokes we think are the funniest, we can’t give you one specific answer because these jokes can be subjective, depending on the listener or reader.

In the Capital of Thailand, Joke to Your Heart’s Content

Thais are the kind of people you want to spend an afternoon with — drinking coffee, playing a game of chess, talking about life. But what makes Thais extremely interesting is their ability to joke about themselves without taking offense.

In fact, the Thai people are more than happy to share a Bangkok joke or pun with you. Some of these jokes might sound offensive to others, but a joke is a joke. They are meant to be funny, not to ridicule. You know what they say, “We’re laughing with them, not at them.”

Here are some of the funniest Bangkok jokes that are sure to put a smile on your face:

Food Jokes

Bangkok, Thailand, is a food lover’s paradise. With its unique selection of delicacies, you’ll never find a place as complete as Bangkok. From street food to fine dining, the city has it all. Its food culture has also given rise to some hilarious food-related humor and Thai street jokes that will make your mouth and eyes water.

One famous Bangkok food joke goes like this:

"Why did the noodle go to the doctor? Because it was feeling soup-er sick!"

If you’re not familiar with Pad Thai, it is a stir fry Thai noodle made with thin, flat rice noodles. It often comes with a sweet-savory-sour sauce with crushed peanuts. It is a well-known Thai dish, so you might read a lot of jokes about it.

"Why did the chicken cross the street? To get to the street vendor selling the best Pad Thai in Bangkok!"

"I bought a shabby little place in Bangkok above a nice restaurant.
It was a bad Thai pad, but good pad Thai."

“What do you call a Thai dish that comes in and out of fashion? Fad Thai.”

Of course, it isn’t enough to acquaint yourself with food-related humor to get the joke. For maximum effectiveness, take a deep dive into the world of Thai food. Less for the humor, and more so you can sample out-of-this world flavors.

A photo of Thailand’s famous tuk-tuk Thailand has a rich culture. Like the world-famous Thai tuk-tuk, Bangkok jokes have also become part of Thailand’s culture.

Puns All Around

Because of it’s monosyllabic nature, making puns out of the word “Thai” is easy and quite common. Here are some Bangkok puns that play on the word:

“Have you heard of the mountain climber from Bangkok? He became famous as the Thai of the Eiger.”

“What do you eat at a formal event in Thailand? Black thai curry.”

“Why are most stormtrooper pilots from Thailand? Because they’re natural Thai fighters.”

“Where do you find the best neck accessories? Tie-land”

Sports Jokes

Thailand might not be well-known for sports, but there sure are plenty of sports jokes about Bangkok and Thais. If you haven’t heard any of these sports jokes before, here are some for your reading pleasure:

"Why can no one win at the Bangkok Olympics? Because it’s always a Thai game!"

"Two kids from Bangkok have a race. Who wins? It’s a Thai!"

How did the Bread contest end? Stalemate.
What about the weed smoking contest? There were joint winners!
What about the competition to see who could locate Bangkok the quickest on a map? It was a Thai.
And that sketching contest? A draw."

These jokes play with the word “Thai,” referencing it to a “tie” game. Sometimes, you have to read the joke a second time to get the clever meaning.

A photo of a woman laughing Bangkok women have a great sense of humor. You can share a light-hearted joke with them and they’ll laugh with you.

Tourist Jokes

As a popular tourist destination, you can only expect Bangkok to have tons of tourist jokes as well.

"Confucius say… "Man who goes through airport turnstile sideways, going to Bangkok."

“I’ve always wanted to travel to Thailand. It’s been on my Phuket-list for several years.”

“Recently, I was in Bangkok with my wife. I suggested that we check out one of the many temples. She asked, ‘Wat Pho?’ I answered, ‘Just to get a little culture.”

Mind you, these jokes are meant to tickle the reader’s funny bone, and are not meant to offend. So take some of these jokes with a grain of salt. There are thousands more of these Bangkok jokes all over the internet, and some might be too mature for your liking — so you might want to read with caution.

Of course, all of these jokes are in English and are mostly puns around the words “Bangkok” or “Thai.”

This is no way represents true Thai light-heartedness that can only be grasped by native speakers of the Thai language. And trust us, they do know how to tickle that funny bone.

Thai Wordplay

If you truly want to immerse yourself in Thailand’s beautiful culture and humor, there’s no better time to learn the language than the present. Here are a few puns that involve Thai language wordplay. No worries, we’ve got the translation ready so you can laugh with us.

1. สัตว์อะไร ร้องไห้แค่เดือนเดียว (Sàt à Rai Rɔ́ɔng Hâi Kɛ̂ɛ Dʉan Diao)

Translation: What kind of animal has a one-month crying period?

Answer: “กุ้งตุลาร้องไห้ (gûng dtù laa rɔ́ɔng hâi),” which is incorrectly pronounced from “กุ้งกุลาร้องไห้ (gûng gù laa rɔ́ɔng hâi),” which is a type of Thai shrimp. The word ตุลา (dtù laa) is short for the Thai month’s name ตุลาคม (dtù laa kom). Further, the word กุ้ง (gûng) means shrimp, and the word ร้องไห้ (rɔ́ɔng hâi) means to cry.

2. ประเทศอะไร ใส่ของได้เยอะ (Bprà Têet à Rai Sài Kɔ̌ɔng Dâi Yə́)

Translation: What country can contain many items?

Answer: “ตะกร้า (dtà grâa),” which means a basket. It’s a play on the word “Qatar,” the country’s name, from gaa dtâa to dtà grâa.

3. ประเทศอะไร ไม่สามารถดูทีวีได้ (Bprà Têet à Rai Mâi Sǎa Mâat Duu Tii Wii Dâi)

Translation: Which nation doesn’t have access to television?

Answer: “จอดำ (jɔɔ dam),” which means screen off. Listeners who know Thai will quickly catch on to the humor and figure out that you meant “Jordan” but intentionally mispronounced the name.

4. สัตว์อะไรช้าที่สุด (Sàt à Rai Cháa Tîi Sùt)

Translation: What is the slowest animal?

Answer: “ก็ลีลา (gɔ̂ɔ lii laa),” which plays with the word “กอริลล่า (gɔɔ rin lâa),” meaning Gorilla in English. The word ลีลา (lii laa) literally means dance, but it’s also used to describe someone who takes so much time to do something.

What is the capital of Thailand joke that makes you laugh out loud the most? Share your version of these jokes! Join our tours and share your jokes with beautiful Bangkok women who are more than happy to laugh with you. Bangkok locals are some of the most hospitable and fun-loving people in Southeast Asia. And surprisingly, they have the best Thailand humor! There’s never a dull moment when you’re with one.

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