Thai Dating Tips | Your Guide to Dating a Thai Woman

A foreigner who’s dating a Thai woman Learn the tricks of the trade when dating a Thai woman.

They say love knows no distance. This is certainly the case nowadays, thanks to the help of online dating sites. There is an increasing number of foreign men who turn to dating sites in order to meet women, especially in Asia. One of the most sought-after among Asians are the women in Thailand.

It turns out foreigners are drawn to their beauty and grace. Aside from those traits, other benefits of marrying a Thai woman include their generous nature and strong family orientation. One can say that they make ideal wives.

With that said, now is the perfect time for dating a Thai woman. There are plenty of platforms at your disposal, such as online dating and matchmaking sites. However, be warned that online dating is vastly different than regular dating. It can be a challenge sustaining a relationship online simply because there are few (if any) interactions in person. It can also be hard to judge whether the other person is sincere or not.

To help you navigate these daunting waters, here are a few things to remember:

  • Keep an open mind.
  • There’s no such thing as a perfect girl. It’s alright if you have standards, but you have to be open enough to get to know girls that usually don’t meet your ideals. While getting to know each other, just gauge your chemistry first—basically determine if there are sparks or not. If not, then remain cordial and perhaps you’d gain a friend.

  • Facetime regularly.
  • If not Facetime, there are other ways, such as Skype video calls. Anyway, while chatting and texting are convenient forms of communication, it’s still important to communicate face to face because your emotions are conveyed much better when you see and listen to each other; whereas if you chat or text, there’s a chance you misinterpret each other’s messages. This could lead to arguments and all-out fights. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a potential match over a misunderstanding.

  • Learn about each other’s cultural differences.
  • In Thai culture, dating is still fairly conservative. Men and women are still expected to conform to conventional gender norms. For example, a common tradition of Thailand is for men to pay for meals while women are generally subservient. If you research these practices and traditions beforehand, you avoid committing taboos or putting your foot in your mouth. It also shows you respect her background and accept her for who she is.

  • Communicate regularly.
  • Always find time to get in touch with each other. This can help prevent the relationship from going stale. Plus, it’s one way of being updated with each other’s lives. If you don’t take time to communicate, you eventually drift apart and feel like strangers to each other.

  • Avoid taboo topics.
  • If you are still in the early stages, refrain from talking about controversial topics. These include politics, religion, and money. During the early stage, you should just focus on getting to know each other.

As soon as you feel like you know the other person a little better, only then can you move on to the next stage of your relationship—meeting in person. That’s a sure sign that your relationship is not only getting stronger but also headed in the right direction.

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