Bangkok Women: Top 5 Reasons They're Worth Dating

Two beautiful Bangkok women sitting at a table. Find out what makes dating Bangkok women a worthwhile experience for foreign men.

‘’Never marry a Thai girl.’’

You may have gotten this advice from people who say Bangkok women are only after your visa and money. Such stereotypes are common, especially in international relationships where the woman is usually looked down on when dating a Western man.

While some relationships did fail for such reasons, it’s unfair to label them all as gold diggers. A person’s worth isn’t measured by their nationality, race, or social status, but by the morals and values they hold.

So, what’s with all the hate and shame for those who want to date Bangkok women?

Men are simply taking their chance at finding lasting happiness and love. And they shouldn’t miss any opportunities of landing a happy relationship with the right woman just because some prejudiced person told them so.

For starters, here are the top five reasons why you should date Bangkok women. Other than that, get to know Bangkok women’s inner qualities, as they have got better things to say rather than mere stereotypes.

Why Are Bangkok Women Worth Dating?

1. They’re loyal and reliable.

When you experience dating Bangkok women, one thing you’ll notice is how loyal and reliable they are. These women are generally raised following the values of Buddhism, which instill good behavior and spirituality. Moreover, loyalty through love is one of Buddhism’s perspectives.

You want to date a woman with a strong conviction – someone who’s going to be there when you need support.

Also, these ladies hold the belief that suffering is a virtue in human life, since it is one of the ways to achieve enlightenment. When faced with hardships, they’re not one to complain or easily give up. Instead, they take those hardships calmly and see them as opportunities for self-improvement.

This only shows that women from Bangkok are reliable as partners in life. Their mindset toward human life challenges is definitely something you can learn from.

2. Their family values make them suitable life partners.

A Bangkok bride holding a bouquet of roses in a white dress. Dating Bangkok women increases your chances of finding a suitable life partner.

Their culture and upbringing have molded them to become family-oriented individuals. At an early age, girls are taught to help their mothers or grandmas to cook, clean, and do other housework.

Traditional gender roles and norms are commonly practiced and observed in Thailand. While you might think that this isn’t favoring gender equality, the reasons are more culturally deep-rooted. It doesn’t suggest that women aren’t entitled to have a career of their own.

In fact, the number of opportunities for women in Thailand is rising with the continuous efforts of the government to promote equality.

But as you date Bangkok women, you will see how capable they are of taking care of more than just household chores. This is just one of the many values and qualities cultivated in them that they embrace.

Aside from being regarded as wife material, Bangkok women’s family values entail fighting and sticking together through thick and thin. While divorce is legal in Thailand, it’s still considered taboo by many.

Once you get to date Bangkok women or women in Thailand in general, you will learn how much they’re willing to fight for and save their relationship. They know when to lower their pride for the sake of family and marriage.

3. They know how to keep it together.

One of the most common attitudes of women in Thailand is being private with their problems. They avoid making a scene when emotions get the best of them.

This doesn’t mean that Bangkok women are passive or submissive. They understand that being too emotionally reactive can cause big fights, and in turn make healthy and open communication impossible.

Dating someone couldn’t be more complicated, especially without open communication. While their calmness and composure make them stand out, it’s just as important that you learn how to connect with them in a deeper sense.

4. Bangkok women are mainly educated.

A smiling Bangkok woman sitting in a library. Bangkok women come from different backgrounds. Find one who’s in the same educational status as you!

Like other cities around the world, women in Bangkok come from different statuses and backgrounds. Basically, there are mainly three types of women you’re likely to meet in the city: the traditional typical woman, the HISO (Thai slang for people coming from a higher class/society), and the educated, liberated woman.

This isn’t to box women into categories, but it’s to let you know that not all women in Bangkok are gold diggers. The diversity among these women will increase your interest in finding someone who’s in the same social and educational status as you.

Before we get into it, did you know that Thailand is aiming to be the first Asia Pacific country to encourage female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education using the UN Policy toolkit? Well, that sounds like a promising plan for women to excel in the fields of Mathematics and Sciences.

As the country’s capital city, it’s not surprising to meet highly-educated women in Bangkok.

5. They’re soft and considerate.

Would you not want to date a woman who is soft-hearted, patient, and considerate? Thailand is called the ‘’Land of Smiles’’ for a reason. Women in Thailand are known for their pleasing, kind, and considerate personalities. Bangkok women are no exception.

They are raised in families with welcoming and respectful traditions, hence the reason they’ve learned to be considerate and soft to others, especially to those they love.

Also, saving face is something Thai people take seriously. Even in dire or challenging times, they try to stay optimistic and resilient. While some women might insult or confront you upfront, a Thai woman who has this optimism knows how to contemplate and weigh things before coming up with unreasonable conclusions.

Are You Ready to Date Bangkok Women?

These are only a few things to know about Bangkok women. There are just too many interesting things about them that can’t be put together in a single article. But now that you have an idea, would you agree that, after all the bad stereotypes and misconceptions about these ladies, women in Bangkok are truly worth dating?

Clearly, this is something you should give serious thought to. After all, uncertainties and misfortunes can happen anywhere and anytime, as are the risks in letting someone be a part of your life.

If you think dating Bangkok women is something you might consider, why not actually go there to meet your potential partner?

Bangkok is not only a place where you can enjoy famous and stunning landmarks, but it’s also a place where you can meet lovely and cultured women!

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