Dating a Thai Woman from Bangkok: The Do's and Don'ts

A photo of a woman from Thailand. Know the dos and don’ts when dating a Thai woman.

When dating a Thai woman, it is important to remember that their culture and way of life are generally more traditional to that of the western side of the world. They are conservative, family-oriented, religious, and highly courteous. These characteristics are ones that a lot of men would generally search for in women, and these are certainly present in Thai women. If you want to date Thai girls, you are going to have to know what to do and what not to do.

The Thai relationship culture is nowhere similar to that of the West. Their traditional and conservative way of life applies in their dating lives as well. Here are the things you should remember if you want your Thai girlfriend to be your future Thai wife:


  • Courtesy is the best policy.
  • Be respectful, be a gentleman, be courteous. These things are very easily said but often forgotten in action. Be mindful not only with the way you speak but also with the way you act. Not only toward her but also toward others. A Thai woman is very particular to a man’s attitude.

  • Her family comes first.
  • Due to their traditional way of life, the people of Thailand are highly family-oriented. They love their families, and they will always value their presence and opinion. If you want your relationship with your Thai woman to last, make her family fall in love with you too.

  • General security.
  • A Thai woman prefers a man who can provide her security. Make sure you can keep her safe and you’d never harm her in any way and make sure you can provide for her and your future children. Make sure you can give her peace of mind.

  • Take it easy.
  • Do not be too aggressive. Women in Thailand are known to be very reserved and demure, and overaggressive actions can intimidate them or, worse, drive them away. Keep it cool and simple. Be sure to adjust to her pace as well. In time, she will adjust to yours.


  • Disregard personal hygiene.
  • A Thai woman hates a man who cannot look after himself. Be sure you are mindful of how you look, how you smell, and how you dress when dating a Thai woman. She is going to want to be proud of you, and she can’t do that if you don’t know how to look after yourself.

  • Insult her cultures and traditions.
  • If you’re a man from the West, her culture will be very different from yours. You should always remember that her culture and traditions are very important to her. She was brought up with certain values that are rooted in the traditions of her country, and she respects them highly. You should too.

  • Being too troublesome.
  • Being troublesome goes against the peace of mind that she wants in a relationship. Being boisterous, galavanting recklessly, and being wayward in life are things she does not want to see in a man. Make sure you get rid of those and practice being responsible and straightforward.

  • Arrive later than she does
  • Nobody likes a tardy person. Thai women, among most people, value their time. Being punctual is an attitude that shows you are disciplined and committed. In whatever appointment you have with your Thai woman, arrive on time always.

Dating a Thai woman and, eventually, marrying her can be the best thing that can happen to a man. Being married to a woman who is not only beautiful but also loyal to her husband and loving to her children is something everybody wants but not everybody can have. This is an opportunity a Thailand woman can give you. Be sure you do not mess up your relationship with her. Understanding a Thai woman is not a difficult thing to do, but you can lose her if you’re not careful.

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