How to Make Thai Women Feel Special in Relationships

Holding Hands For Thai women, physical affection brings more comfort than words can.

We never run short of ways to show how much we love a person, even if it’s the simplest act of love.

Thais are not known for their public displays of affection. There are, however, other socially appropriate ways to show affection.

Thai ladies are more guarded when it comes to sharing their feelings. That is largely because of the Thais’ tendency to avoid violence, no matter how minor.

Calling others out in urbanized cities like Chiang Mai and Krung Thep would almost certainly get you a few looks from onlookers. Surprisingly, in Thailand, openly shaming is more embarrassing for the person doing the shaming than it is for the one being shamed.

In Thai culture, losing face is extremely important, which is why most (if not all) Thais choose to keep to themselves. They don’t want to be a nuisance and spoil someone’s day.

Thai ladies are the most common targets of this behavior. They were taught that holding their heads down is the only way to avoid getting into trouble.

Because of this, they internalize their problems.

Although it is not hard to find friends in Thailand, it is not easy to get them to open up.

It may seem too complicated for you to understand her current situation, and you might not even be prepared to handle it.

Instead, you can support her in the way you know best. Here’s how you can make her day:

Couple Talking Relationships don’t always demand communication. Sometimes, it’s ok to fall into comfortable silence.

Put your phone away while talking to her.

You may not think this is a big deal, but she’ll really appreciate it.

You must give her your undivided attention as she talks to you. You don’t want to give her the impression that you don’t care. She wouldn’t open up if she didn’t have to.

Thai women, especially if they feel wronged, can close themselves off to you.

We can’t always resist being disturbed by messages. Yet despite the number of times the phone rings, you can never turn your gaze away.

No one needs to know the Thai language to be aware of how extremely rude it is to check your phone while talking.

Taking her home from work

Any person would be exhausted by the end of their workday. Your partner may be even more exhausted after riding public transit.

On top of that, Thailand’s night market will be in full swing by the time she gets off work. Pickpockets and robbers can be on the loose at these hours, making the road dangerous.

It’s much better for her to be accompanied when she goes home. If you find a stall she likes, you might enjoy spending more time together.

If you both know she is comfortable enough to permit you, it would be great if she could make it back home safely.

Getting in touch with her at random times of the day

However, even though most Thais are kind and considerate, there is a limit to what they can handle.

There will be a point when these little droplets of animosity fill the bottle and finally burst from overload. Distracting them from their feelings is the most effective way to alleviate stress.

Calling your girlfriend while she’s free doesn’t take much time or effort. You can also send her sweet messages by text message at any time of day.

It’s nice to be reminded that someone cares for you

Staying with her at parties

You must admit, Thai people make excellent company for parties. After all, they make sure everyone is well fed and well attended to.

These parties can have a lot of people, and it can be overwhelming. Imagine how a kid feels when he or she loses their mom at the grocery store.

The same thing is true when she loses you at a party.

Stay by her side whenever she feels uneasy alone to ensure that she has a good time. It will be appreciated by your partner if you look out for her.

Couple Cuddling Take a breather to relax in each other’s company. It might just be what she needs.

Schedule an exclusive date with her.

You want to focus on her and her alone — meaning distractions whatsoever. Save for emergencies, your phone should be tucked in your pocket or bag at all times.

Weekdays can get hectic, and you both need to recharge to get back on your feet.

Mutually decide on a day exclusively for each other. Much better if you establish this as a weekly routine, that way you get to look forward to it after work.

Encourage her to try new things

You support your partner whenever she steps out of her comfort zone and does something different. This inspires her to venture outside of her personal bubble and do new stuff.

Imitating those we like is a psychological fact, but overdoing it will lead to your identity being ripped to shreds.

You and her may have similarities, but keep in mind you can be yourself too. If she trusts you enough to reveal who you are and if you do, she will as well.

Caress her when she feels stressed

Despite the fact that Thais look down on physical affection, some of them still rely on it.

Touching someone affectionately has emotional and physical health benefits.

A quick head pat will make someone feel cozy and fuzzy. And, if the love is well-received, she would most likely be at ease.

Powerful romantic gestures can get anyone through their bad days.

Affirming Your Love for Your Thai Partner

If a woman you are dating in Thailand feels bad about herself, she will seek validation from you. It would be greatly appreciated if you could attend to what she needs.

You can do many things to assure your partner that you love her. There are so many gestures of love to be shared out there.

It would make her feel better to hear words of praise, and you can also express your affection by acts or deeds.

You will notice that at some point she will become more open and expressive if you shower her with love.

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