What It Takes to Impress a Thai Woman

Don’t go unprepared — Thai Women are not easy to win over as you think.

Dating in Thailand isn’t as simple as it sounds.

You’d think that just because Thai women find foreign men attractive, it’ll be a piece of cake to win them over. But Thai people aren’t easily bought by expensive clothing and luxury items.

Culture, for example, is a factor that can greatly affect the journey of your relationship. You can’t afford to go into a relationship unprepared— you’re setting yourself up for failure.

But by knowing when to be strategic, planning your approach, and just carefully considering your choices, you might be able to win them over.

Because of their upbringing, Thai girls are generally friendly and reserved. But even so, there are some specifics like cultural differences that should be taken into account when dating a Thai.

To borrow a few words from J.R.R. Tolkein, one does not simply walk into Thailand unprepared. Before you get into a relationship with a Thai woman, here are a few things you should know.

Western Men are Appealing to them

It is commonly assumed that western men are able to provide financial comfort and security. In their own right, a financially sound partner is very attractive to a Thai woman.

Thai girls are loyal and heartfelt to their husbands, though some are not so subtle about their agenda. Still, they were raised with the expectation that they should be respectful to their significant other’s needs. This was what was expected of them when they married.

After all, it’s hard to fault them for looking for a man who can provide financial security, particularly in these trying times.

Thai men aren’t really known for their monogamy, another aspect that causes Thai ladies to change their preference in men. In Thailand, it is considered common for a man to have more than one partner. Despite the fact that polygamy is no longer legal in Thailand, the practice has persisted over time.

The mistress, also known as the mia noi in Thailand, is said to be favored by Thai men. Thai ladies flee to western men in search of a better life because they don’t want to feel neglected. Why would they go through all the trouble of marrying a guy who doesn’t really love you?

Instead of dwelling on their misfortunes, Thai people count their blessings. Even a simple wedding will make her happy.

Overcoming the Language barriers

Consistent communication is key to a successful long-term relationship. Keeping in touch with one another is what keeps a partnership strong. But what if you and your partner don’t speak the same language? How would you be able to communicate with each other?

A language barrier is indeed a burden at times. There are so many things that remain unsaid that can have a negative effect on your relationship in the long run.

It’s rare to come across a Thai local who speaks English fluently. Only when conducting business transactions with foreigners do Thai people find it necessary. Other than that, there isn’t much of a reason for Thais to study English.

In order to better communicate with her, you need to make it a personal goal to learn Thai. Not only will you gain a better understanding of her, you will also be deeply admired for learning her native tongue. You don’t have to be a native speaker. Even your inadvertent slips of the tongue will seem endearing to her.

In return, Thai girls are most likely to learn English. This demonstrates her sincere desire to get along with you. Overcoming language barriers would be a piece of cake if you meet each other halfway.

Capture the hearts of Thai Girls

Most men struggle with impressing women. Since there are so many different types of Thai girls, we can’t promise that your first good attempt at charming a Thai woman will succeed in the next. However, if you’re looking for ways to impress a Thai woman, start with the following suggestions:

  1. Shower her with gifts

If you want to court a Thai woman, start with the most basic method: a gift. To be honest, wowing a Thai woman isn’t difficult. So long as you’re sincere, she’ll figure out what your real intentions are.

Gift giving is not an easy task when your knowledge of your partner is being tested. You should also consider the superstitions associated with such presents, such as handkerchiefs, shoes, black clothing, and certain flowers.

So before buying that red Louis Vuitton bag, think twice. Otherwise things could go awry.

Many Thai women are capable of accepting unexpected surprises.
  1. Affection

Physical touch, loving words, and kind gestures are one of the many ways to show affection. Physical intimacy in thai dating culture is the glue that bonds a couple together.

In Thailand, public shows of affection are frowned upon. It’s perfectly appropriate to hold hands. But a hug or a kiss will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows.

There are moments when words can express what love cannot. An image can be worth a thousand words, but your love can also be expressed in a few words.

A simple “Are you okay?” or “You look lovely” can convey a lot about how you feel. Of course, saying “I love you” is the fastest way to communicate your feelings. Nevertheless, you should never fail to show her affection.

  1. Immersing yourself in her culture

It’s a lot of fun to learn about other cultures, particularly when you’re doing it with your significant other. Consider how much time you will spend together talking about her background!

Visiting Thailand can also teach you about the taboos of Thai culture, so if you plan on visiting her, you should follow their customs and traditions.

  1. Build a relationship with her family

Thais are family-oriented people. Winning her family’s approval is almost certain to impress her. What woman wouldn’t be overjoyed if the guy she likes is getting along with her family? Having her family’s blessings will also resolve one of the most difficult challenges in a relationship.

Understanding Thai women

Understanding a Thai woman will help you strengthen your relationship with her. So, if you want your relationship to last, remember these points and you will have a safe and happy relationship.

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