Lasting Love | How to Keep Your Relationship With a Thai Woman Happy

A Thai woman holding heart balloons and facing a foreign man. Learn the ways of keeping your relationship with a Thai woman happy and healthy.

Being the capital, Bangkok Thailand, has been one of the major tourist attractions in the Land of Smiles. It boasts the grandeur of its dazzling golden temples and the incomparable flavors of Thai cuisine. However, Bangkok tourism is not just the main reason why tourists, especially men, flock to this city. It holds a far greater treasure than that of any golden temple or any piece of jewelry — Thai women. This city is home to the majority of Thailand’s prettiest and most beautiful ones.

What is it with the women in Thailand that makes men travel thousands of miles just to get a glimpse of them? Well, a lot. Their characteristics, their personalities and the qualities that they possess speak volumes of why any man would be lucky to have a Thai wife. Once you get tied to a Thai woman, don’t ever lose it. Keep your relationship with her as healthy and as happy as you can.

Although the relationship is a two-man team, when it comes to Thai women, taking the lead is imperative. So we have prepared a list of what you can do as a man to keep the intimacy burning and keep the relationship with a Thai woman healthy:

  • Keep the communication line open at all means
  • The key to a healthy relationship isn’t what transpires under the sheets (but it plays a major factor too). It lies in how you communicate. Communication is an essential part of keeping a healthy relationship. To be able to see progress in your relationship, you have to initiate a meaningful conversation. Always reach out to your Thai girlfriend and talk things out every now and then. Be there when she is having a bad day and learn to listen to her concerns and compromise. Be able to talk with her not just when she has had the best day of her life but most especially when she’s having the worst.

    When things start to go rough in your relationship, talking it out will also be a great help. Instead of starting an argument, talking in a calm manner will always help. Raising your voice will not solve anything and instead worsen the situation. Remember that in Thai culture maintaining a non-confrontational approach to avoid further conflict is always the better path. Good talk is key to keeping a good relationship.

  • Let go of negative thoughts and embrace imperfection
  • No one is born perfect. Literally no one. No matter how beautiful your Thai girlfriend is, there will always be a flaw and that’s okay. Having flaws is perfectly fine; it makes us human. Whatever her imperfection is, love it because it makes her who she is. Love is not all about being perfect. Love is about seeing the flaws and embracing it.

    As much as no one is perfect, so are relationships. No matter how imperfect the relationship is, learn to let go of negative vibes especially the need to control your partner. Let go of the things that keep your relationship from progressing. Keep the relationship light and positive. No matter what circumstances come your way, always look into the brighter side. Like the Thai way of doing things, always wear a smile.

  • Always be truthful and trusting to your partner
  • Just like communication, honesty and trust are also vital components in a relationship. They come hand-in-hand to keep a relationship healthy. Physical distance may become an issue in the relationship. Hence, it is imperative that you do not keep any secrets from each other and that you can count on each other. This will make you trust each other on a deeper level. In return, your relationship will be harmonious and healthy.

  • Keep things interesting between you and your partner
  • The greatest threat to any relationship isn’t cheating, it is something far more subtle than that - boredom. When boredom strikes, it is only a matter of time before your relationship goes downhill. Before it hits that, you need to try to keep it alive and interesting for both of you. You can go try new things or activities together. Go out of your way and try something that both of you don’t usually do.

    There are a variety of things that you can do and try out with your partner. It could be traveling or even simple things such as working out or playing games together. Whatever it is that you have thought of, know that what is important is that you do it together and you spend more time with each other. This may be simple but it can never go wrong.

Thai women are no doubt for keeps, so you should do everything to keep her. And this love advice will surely come in handy.

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