Behavior Thai Women HATE: How to Fail Dating in Bangkok

A photo of a smiling Asian woman in white with a tree behind her If you want to command the attention of Thai women, be sure to avoid the following behaviors and traits.

Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles” for many reasons.

One, the magnificence of their coastlines, mountains, and cities is sure to bring happiness to anyone who visits the country.

Two, with the warm and welcoming nature of the people, no one can stop themselves from grinning ear to ear in appreciation.

Most of all, we cannot forget the ever charming smiles of gorgeous Thai women. They are so infectious that it comes as no wonder that many foreign men feel at ease with these ladies and consider the country one of the top vacation destinations in the world, if not a second home that they desire.

While these smiles are directed at everyone, how can a man like you be the sole recipient of a special Thai woman’s cute laughter and, quite possibly, love?

Is attracting Thai girls easy for Western men? How can you succeed in dating in Bangkok?

No need to look any further as this list will show you all the things you need to avoid when meeting with Thai ladies.

You may also consider this as a guide to help you increase your chances of making a good impression on Thai women. We are sure they won’t be able to resist falling for you if you avoid doing these things, and that incredible smile of theirs will make all your efforts worth it.

1. Thai women dislike men who have no family values.

Family and family values are deeply rooted in the lives of Thai women.

Not only does their culture promote this, but they also consider family as a cornerstone in their life.

Whether it is their nuclear or extended family, they will always put great emphasis on these things.

Therefore, for a suitor like you, you must consider giving importance to family as well whenever you go out with Thai girls.

You don’t necessarily have to plan for a future right away with the Thai lady you’re dating, but it helps to show your enthusiasm. Discuss how family life is for you and what you aim for when you do have one of your own someday.

Start off on the right foot by telling her what she wants to hear from her potential partner in life. If you sincerely want to find a Thai woman who can love and accept you, always remember that family is an important factor to take to heart.

2. Men who are never punctual have less chances of impressing Thai women.

If this is how you are selling yourself on the first date, you must understand that there will be no woman interested in you — Thai or not. To think that this is the first impression you give, it’s definitely not a good one at all.

Being late for no acceptable reason will only show that you do not value anything you could potentially have with the Thai woman you’re dating, and that you do not respect her time as well.

Thai women have a lot on their plate. Aside from taking care of household responsibilities and looking out for their family, they also make up a great percentage of the country’s workforce.

So for a man to only waste their time of day, you will surely not hear from any of them anymore, or from any woman, at that.

3. A Thai lady is easily discouraged by a man who treats her differently.

Planning on taking your guy friends with you on your date with a Thai woman?

Nothing is wrong with that at all. However, if you start changing personalities when you are with her compared to when you are with your male friends, it can mean the worst possible outcome for you.

Thai women want to be treated the same way you treat other people who are important to you — with respect and lightheartedness, both in your tone and through your manners. You wouldn’t want to make a Thai lady feel bad by doing something as insensitive as treating her differently now, would you?

While it is sweet to be caring and thoughtful when you are with her, there is no need to show an entirely different front when your friends or other people are around.

This will only prove to her that you hold certain people in your life differently. Even worse, it could come off as you pretending to be good to her.

Be yourself and be fair.

4. Thai women will never hesitate to leave a man who continues to entertain other women.

If you are still active on other international dating sites while already seeing a Thai lady, she will obviously not appreciate this kind of setup. Once you begin to meet Thai women, it’s best to focus on them and avoid looking for other foreign women to impress.

Thai women prefer guys to be committed to one person for the whole duration that they are considered dating.

While you may not be in a relationship with a Thai woman yet, she most likely wants you both to be exclusive.

Do not even try to go behind her back, lest you want to lose that special connection you have with her.

If this doesn’t suit well with you, discuss it with her and find a middle ground that you both can agree on. Better yet, let her go as soon as possible if you cannot respect her stance.

If at this stage you cannot even take this into consideration, then your Thai lady would not dare imagine a happy future with you.

5. A self-centered man will discourage a Thai woman from considering him as a potential partner.

Going out on a date means meeting a new person, connecting with them, and possibly creating a happy relationship that will last for a long time.

But for men who continuously praise themselves and insist on taking every discussion their way, no date will ever end successfully for them.

If you want to attract the attention of that special Thai woman, you must learn how to be conscious of your words and actions. Do not dominate every conversation you have with her, and do not get too cocky about your achievements no matter how great you think they are.

Thai women do not tolerate self-centered men because it only translates to them as being selfish and ill-mannered.

If the man they are dating is too full of himself early on, what else would they expect when the time comes for them to be a couple?

Do not worry about your praises, a Thai lady will give them when appropriate, and not just to boost your ego.

6. Thai women don’t date men who are still hung up on their ex.

No woman would appreciate this, generally.

In connection with Thai ladies wanting monogamy in a relationship, still talking about your past lovers will not go well with them at all.

Not only do Thai people dislike talking badly about others, especially when those people cannot defend themselves, but giving attention to a woman you used to date when you are busy trying to build a new relationship will only show that you’re downright cruel.

Your Thai date may not lash out at you for this, but you should be able to anticipate not getting a reply from her moving forward.

Why direct your attention towards a failed relationship when you have a potentially happy future right in front of you?

Start Dating Thai Women

Simply create an account with any of the hundreds of overseas dating sites available today to connect with beautiful Thai women. It’s very easy, especially since these ladies are also interested in dating men like you.

A single dating website can be your key to finding the right Thai woman for you.

Keep in mind that there are a few things that can halt your attempt to impress Thai women, so simply make sure to avoid any of the traits and behaviors mentioned above so that you can ease your way into winning their hearts in no time.

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