10 Questions Girls Are Afraid to Ask Guys

A man and a woman talking to each other. In dating, women have to be brave as well. There are difficult questions girls need to ask guys to make a relationship work.

You’d think that in dating, a woman’s job is easy. All she has to do is sit pretty while her suitors shake in their boots thinking of the right thing to say to get her attention.

Make no mistake, it’s no easy feat to summon the courage to ask a girl out. It’s not even easy asking her basic questions—you’re walking a tightrope trying to keep her interested.

But guess what? When a girl is into you, or even when you’re on the brink of a relationship, there are things she’s uncomfortable asking you.

So what are these questions girls are afraid to ask guys? And why do women consider them embarrassing? Maybe they’re afraid of what the answers could be.

More often than not, they are questions that need to be answered. So while women might be scared to ask them, at some point they’re going to have to in order to make sure that the relationship is healthy.

These questions can be categorized into three categories: questions about them as a couple, questions about him, and questions about the relationship and where it’s going.

Questions about Them as a Couple

Sometimes, a woman just wants to know how compatible you are or if there is any future with you as a romantic partner. Oftentimes, she’ll ask these questions if you aren’t being direct or clear about your intentions with her.

The fact remains that asking these questions can be daunting for women.

1. Do you like me? - Here’s why women are afraid to ask males this question: because it makes things real. Sometimes, a woman can have a crush on a guy or she can be casually dating a guy and she’ll want to know if he actually likes her. The answer could be yes and she’ll be elated.

But, the answer could also be no and she’ll be crushed. You might think that the answer would be yes if they’re already dating, but lots of people date people they don’t actually like because the alternative is being alone.

2. What time were you born? - Do you know what your birth chart is? You probably don’t, but it’s basically your star sign, your rising sign, your moon sign, and a whole bunch of other astrological things. In order to get a person’s full birth chart, you need the exact time and place they were born.

Why is this a question girls afraid to ask guys? Because the answer will reveal compatibility.

If a girl is really into a guy, then she’ll want to believe that they’re literally written in the stars. However, if their astrological signs aren’t compatible, then the two of them being written in the stars isn’t a fantasy in which she can indulge. She’ll probably find out the answer if the relationship continues, but she’ll want to keep her fantasy up for as long as possible.

3. What are we? - The ultimate question that many women are absolutely terrified of asking early on in the dating process is this. Why? Because this is a question that leads to a conversation in which the relationship is defined.

Sometimes, a woman who’s just dating a guy won’t want to define the relationship right away. She’ll want to keep up the fantasy that they’re in love and they’ll get married and have a bunch of babies before growing old together.

A man and a woman sitting across from each other and talking. Asking hard questions can lead to happy relationships.

4. Are you seeing anyone else? - Speaking of defining the relationship, some people won’t view it as monogamous until there’s been a discussion and an agreement. Here’s the thing— if a girl really likes a guy she’s not going to want to know if he’s seeing other women, not in the early stages of dating.

But she’s going to have to ask this question because this is the question that’s going to open up the topic of whether or not they’re going to be exclusive.

Questions Females Are Afraid to Ask Males about Them

These are questions a woman would like to ask a man she is dating. If a woman really likes a guy, then she’s going to be scared that his answers might give her the ick.

The ick, if you don’t know, is when one thing is such a turn-off that it might change how she feels about a guy.

So, what are these questions?

5. What are your political beliefs? - Most people nowadays aren’t going to want to date someone whose political beliefs are opposite theirs. So if a woman is crushing on a guy, then she’s going to be afraid to learn what his political beliefs are because if he says the wrong thing, she’s going to get the ick.

6. Do you have a crazy ex? - This question is a loaded one. On the one hand, some people have mental or emotional issues that could make them legitimately crazy, so if a guy answers that he does have a crazy ex, maybe she was indeed crazy.

But many women - particularly women who date men - know all too well the amount of emotional labor that goes into such relationships and how it’s not often reciprocated. So if a woman asks this question and gets a yes, she’s going to start wondering if the ex is actually crazy or if the guy put his ex through so much that something in her snapped.

7. Does my period gross you out? - Of all the period questions to ask guys, this one is the motherlode. Many women feel gross and unsexy when that time of the month comes around. There might be some bloating and some cramping, so they’re not exactly feeling themselves when Aunt Flo comes to visit. Also, her hormones can get out of whack, which can have an effect on her emotional state.

If a guy tells a woman that yes, her period does indeed gross him out, she’s going to feel even grosser and more unsexy than she already does. She’s scared to ask this question because she’s scared that the answer is going to hurt her feelings.

But she knows she needs to ask this question because his answer is going to be indicative of how he’s going to treat her when she’s riding the cotton pony.

8. What’s your relationship with your mother like? - A rule of thumb is that how a man treats his mother is how he’s going to treat his wife. Many women know this is the case, so they’re going to want to know if the man that they’re dating has a good relationship with their mother.

On the other hand, if a man is too close with his mother, that is a red flag because then he’ll probably choose his mom over her if it comes to it. This is one of those questions where she needs to know the answer, but the answer could ruin the relationship so she’s hesitant to ask the question.

A man smiling at a pregnant woman. Dare to ask the difficult questions to map out your future.

Questions about the Future

Now onto questions about the relationship itself. These are questions that are going to address the long-term goals of the relationship and what each person’s respective endgame is.

9. What are your thoughts on marriage? - Men and women are taught different things about marriage. Media that’s aimed at men often depict marriage as being the end of freedom, hence why some older sitcoms will refer to a man’s wife as the old ball and chain.

Women, on the other hand, are often taught it is the ultimate goal in life to get married. It’s why so little girls dream of their wedding days.

Because of this, marriage is seen as a major milestone, especially for women and a lot of guys are hesitant to put a ring on it.

So a woman will have to ask this question so she’ll know what her partner’s views on marriage are. If there is any question girls are afraid to ask a guy, it’s this. That’s because the answer might break her heart— but it’s something that she has to know if marriage is important to her. She has to know that her partner is at least open to the idea of marriage.

10. Do you want kids? How many? - Some people are child-free. They either know that they can’t handle kids emotionally or financially or they simply do not envision themselves being parents. That’s fine, not every person is meant to be a parent.

But if someone wants to be a parent, then they have to make sure that their partner does as well. Otherwise, they’re either not going to have kids or they’re going to end up being single parents while being in a relationship.

Even if her man does want to have kids, how many does he want? Does he want just one or a whole football team’s worth of kids? This is not an easy question to ask, but it’s one that has to be answered.

Women need to ask their partners questions. Sure, they might be afraid of their answers, but the alternative is to never move forward romantically. Not asking hard questions can mean treading water in a relationship.

Some people might be okay with treading water. They’ve got a good, or at least an okay, thing going on and they don’t want to lose it. But treading water isn’t enough for everyone and moving forward might mean rocking the boat by asking some difficult questions.

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