Here's Why a Christmas Wedding Is Great for Couples

Set. The. Date.

Out of all the decisions you had to make in your life, choosing a wedding date is the hardest. Your soon-to-be in-laws would prefer to have it sooner, while your close pals think you have to give at least a few months more.

However, you and your future Thai wife know that you need more time to plan than ever. With a long list of guests to make, an appealing menu to curate, and an entourage you have to dress, these are just a few of the many things you need in preparing for an elegant Christmas wedding.

A newly married couple. Take the pressure off in choosing when to get married.

But the thing is, it’s not the wedding ring you think about first nor the place to hold your ceremony.

To simplify things and give you a headstart in preparing for your big day, here are some common questions on when is the best day to get married:

What months are the most appealing to grooms and brides?

While December may not be the first month that comes to mind when picking the day of your wedding, it isn’t a bad idea. Because this month generally means celebrations, parties, families, and gift-giving, it exudes happiness more than all other months of the year.

For some couples, the months of September, November, and October are popular wedding months, while ceremonies held in May and June are also high.

Is it alright to get married on the holidays?

Families are often together during the holidays, and you won’t have much of a problem trying to put your family and guests together for your day. Other than this, everyone is likely to be off work to attend your wedding as it is the time of year when they take long breaks from work.

Is it a good idea to marry on the 24th or 25th of December?

Marrying in December isn’t a bad choice, but choosing the 24th and 25th as your wedding date might be. Generally, people are with their families during this time of year, and unless you want to see empty chairs on the day of your ceremony, it’s best to leave these days unmarked on your calendar.

After all, a Christmas wedding doesn’t necessarily have to fall on the 24th and 25th.

What makes a wedding in December romantic?

The holidays make the month of December significant to almost everyone. We always look forward to it as the year comes to an end, and it is the time when we are the happiest.

The Christmas atmosphere encourages us to be a lot more giving, sympathetic, and even inspired. Because the Yuletide season brings about a lot more happiness than any holiday of the year, it gives us all the reasons to love it.

An image of a  wedding banquet. Have a white wedding this Christmas season.

If you can’t help but admire everything about Christmas, here’s why you need to consider getting married during the holidays:

  1. You don’t need to stress over color motifs and ornaments.

Coming from a country that has high regard and appreciation for its monarchs, Thai women are generally patriotic. Not only do they pride themselves on being born in Thailand, but their love for their culture is also palpable in more ways than one.

If you and your bride-to-be choose to wed in December and opt for a traditional Thai wedding ceremony, there’s not much contrast between the colors of the holidays from your red and gold-colored decorations.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have a beach or outdoor wedding, you can choose from a variety of Christmas-themed trimmings, with shades of red, green, silver, white, and blue.

  1. Venues look picture-perfect.

During the holidays, seasonal lights and ornaments flood the ceilings, walls, trees, and even buildings. No matter where you look, venues are decorated to the nines, and it helps you save from spending too much on decorations.

At the same time, these festive embellishments make your wedding photos turn out stunning and lively than they already are.

  1. Gifts and giveaways for your guests are a no-brainer.

If you’ve been invited to a Thai wedding before, you might have noticed that some of their preferred wedding favors are bars of soap and small wooden fans.

When you’re indecisive about what to give your guests, you won’t be if you choose to get married during the holidays, because you can simply give them everything you love about Christmas.

From cocoa mixes to s’more packets to seedlings of poinsettias and even pinecone candles, your options shoot from ten to a hundred.

  1. Your guests are in a good mood.

People being the happiest in December has always been a thing.

Interestingly, getting married during the Christmas season means catering to guests with good spirits, who are just as enthusiastic to celebrate as you, and help you avoid dealing with cranky people who can readily ruin your moment anytime.

  1. December weddings make the best and memorable anniversaries.

One thing that makes dating in Thailand different from other Asian cultures is how they prefer love marriages over arranged ones. Thai people, in general, have the liberty to date and marry the person they choose to love, and because of this, they truly value relationships and marriages.

Getting married during the happiest season of the year means having special and romantic anniversaries. Since it is the holidays, you and your wife can travel anywhere you want to, or have an intimate celebration together with your families.

Also, don’t you think a double celebration is more exciting?

Your wedding day is not only a celebration of your love and commitment, but it speaks for your union as well. It is the realization of your dreams, plans, and happiness as one.

It is the day of your life that you can never forget and one that you’d always want to look back on because marriage signifies eternity for Thai women.

The Yuletide season is the perfect time for celebrations, parties, getaways, and reunions. If you want to make your wedding day unforgettable for you, your wife, and your guests, consider getting married in December.

Wait, are those wedding bells and Christmas carols ringing?

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