Single Journey: Thailand’s Matchmaking Initiative

Dating in Thailand will never be complete without visiting its ancient temples. Thai women are known for their natural beauty and charm.

31 December 2019 - The World Health Organization was notified that a number of cases of pneumonia with an unknown cause had been reported in Wuhan City, China.

7 January 2020 - Authorities in China discovered a new coronavirus, which was named “2019-nCoV” for the time being.

11 March 2020 - COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Everything changed on that day.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the world has continued to suffer. Many enterprises, educational institutions, and private establishments chose to close their doors indefinitely, resulting in an increased unemployment rate in the world.

The only places to go are hospitals.

Tourism, as one of the impacted sectors, must rethink its strategies to ensure long-term viability, as the global economy has been tested to its limits.

Thailand, along with New Zealand, has perfectly illustrated resilience and unity in containing the outbreaks and preventing a second wave.

Its cumulative resolution has resulted in the continuation of full economic growth.

With the country’s success in mitigating the effects of COVID-19, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, in collaboration with Thai Smile Airways and Tinder, announced "Single Journey" tours throughout the nation.

This tourism program was designed exclusively for solo tourists. However, it was designed mainly for domestic travelers in order to promote domestic flights.

However, Thailand did not close its doors to international tourists who wanted to meet attractive Thai women during tours, that is if they were able to quarantine for two weeks and apply for a visa application.

TAT Deputy Governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool said in a press release,

“Tourism connects people, and some people might end up being lifetime partners. Tourists can also help support tourism and the economy during tough times.”

Destinations of the “Single Journey” Tours

TAT designed a tour itinerary to assist single people in finding true love.

The nine routes for the project’s three pilot trips are as follows:

  • Mae Hong Son - Chiang Mai

This location offers breathtaking views of mountains, waterfalls, and rice fields. Locals and visitors alike will enjoy an epic road trip through northern Thailand’s outstanding natural beauty.

  • Chiang Rai - Lopburi

The ancient temples of Chiang Rai are the city’s most well-known feature. This location also has excellent hiking and trekking routes, with an opportunity to interact with Thai ethnic communities.

Lopburi is well-known for its historical monuments as well as natural attractions such as the sunflower farm. This location is also home to a large number of monkeys.

  • Saraburi - Si Sa Ket

Saraburi is a city in Central Thailand known for its unique waterfalls and a local group that operates on flower and fruit farms that have been converted into tourist destinations.

Si Sa Ket is yet another intriguing Thai destination. It is regarded as a gateway to Preah Vihear, a cliff-top Khmer temple in Cambodia across the border.

  • Ubon Ratchathani - Udon Thani

The plateaus and mountain ranges of Ubon Ratchathani province, with the Mun River flowing through them, are a source of pride for the province. The district is home to two protected areas, Phu Chong Nayoi and Pha Taem.

The province of Udon Thani is situated on a plateau 187 meters above sea level. The vast majority of the land is covered in rice fields, trees, and hills. It is also well-known for its indigenous products, such as Pha Kid or patterned silk weaving.

A photo of a temple in Thailand. Dating in Thailand will never be complete without visiting its ancient temples.
  • Loei - Chumphon

Loei province is bordered by Laos on the Mekong River. This province is referred to as the “Mae Hong Son of the Northeast” because it is close to northern Thailand. It is also becoming an ecotourist destination due to its mountain ranges that showcase the breathtaking sunrise and numerous spectacular scenery.

Chumphon is a province in southern Thailand renowned for its diverse aquatic life and long coastline beaches. Chumphon City, the province’s capital, acts as a gateway to many tropical beaches.

  • Surat Thani

This historic city is also known as the “City of Good People.” It is well-known for its ancient temples, diverse biodiversity, and pristine coastline. This is the ideal location for those seeking to reconnect with nature.

  • Phuket

Thailand’s best islands and beaches can be found in this area. Hiking, snorkeling, fishing, jet skiing, and other enjoyable water sports are available to both locals and visitors to Phuket.

  • Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is an ancient city in Thailand. This is one of UNESCO’s tourist attractions that will transport you to Siam’s golden age. Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Bang Pa-In Summer Palace, Chan Kasem Palace, and other attractions can be found in this area.

  • Bangkok

This is the capital of the country. It provides a range of must-see activities, as well as tourist hotspots that highlight the country’s arts, heritage, culture, nightlife, and shopping.

These locations are regarded as among the most intimate, particularly when it comes to dating in Thailand.

The tourist program can also assist individuals in finding true love, and they will undoubtedly melt the hearts of those who feel that single life is better.

The Role of Tinder in Thailand’s Matchmaking Journey

The Tourism Authority of Thailand claims that one of the reasons single men and women all over the world travel is to meet people who share their interests.

So they’re going to use Tinder, an organization that helps people broaden their social networks, to accomplish this.

Dating in person was unlikely during the pandemic, given the lockdowns and health protocols.

Tinder, one of the best free online dating sites, has increased the number of opportunities for Thai men and westerners to travel across Thailand in the hopes of finding their lifelong lovers. It assists the Thai Tourism Authority in providing tour packages with the aim of increasing matchmaking in Thailand.

The Possibility of Finding Love During COVID-19

A photo of an interracial couple. Over the years, matchmaking in Thailand has changed drastically as many foreigners continue to visit the country.

The pandemic has altered the majority of people’s quality of life. Although, regardless of how lethal the virus is, there is one thing that has not been affected — LOVE.

Thailand’s matchmaking program demonstrates that men will continue to look for a Thai woman who is a perfect match despite the country’s health crisis.

So if you’re presently exploring the Kingdom of Thailand and fascinated about the idea of living with a Thai woman, arm yourself with the best ways to win her heart.

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