Best Dating Locations in Bangkok Thailand

A photo of a woman in Thai traditional clothing walking with an umbrella in one hand Discover the perfect places to fall in love when in Bangkok Thailand!

Based on what you see on social media, including what various travel magazines bear on their centerfold, you must already have a good idea about how amazing Bangkok Thailand is.

Maybe it is even one of the reasons you decided to travel and experience love and adventure with the ever gorgeous and warm-hearted Thai women.

If you’re lucky enough to snag a date with one of these ladies, perhaps this dating advice can be the perfect solution to your concerns.

Listed below are the best dating locations in Bangkok. Not only will you get to experience the magnificence of the city, but you will also be immersing yourself in their exquisite culture.

Follow through on our options to treat your special Thai lady to a romantic date unlike any other.

Even if she’s a local from the very same city, you can still make her enjoy everything like a proper tourist. Time to pull off your charm and start using your most romantic date ideas.

If you are ready to find out why Thailand is affectionately dubbed the Land of Smiles, continue reading down below.

1. Bangkok Tree House

This destination is literally a dream in physical form. The Bangkok Tree House may just even be the most famous one in the country.

Get ready to whip out your phones and take picture-perfect shots as you dine, explore, and relax in different sections of the modern house.

Its stylistic glass and metal design is a sight to behold. To further amp up the romance factor of the place, you and your sweet Thai lady can lay under the stars in the king-sized bed found on the rooftop.

If the elements are, however, not in your favor at the time, there are many other rooms for you two to enjoy some intimate time together.

Now that’s reconnecting with nature in the most romantic way.

2. Lumphini Park

Continuing with the trend of getting in touch with nature, consider taking your Thai date to the well-known Lumphini Park.

Nestled at the center of the bustling metropolis, this beautiful surprise of an oasis offers open public space with rare trees aligning it, as well as playgrounds for all to utilize.

What could be better than a clean, refreshing, and cost-free date, right?

If you want to find a place where you and your girl can have some alone time, however, you can also rent out a boat and embark on a sweet albeit short lake voyage.

Other free options include quietly strolling around the set path or joining joggers from early morning to sunset.

The park may be open to all, but there’s nothing to fret about losing the serenity of the place. Unlike the normally crowded streets of Bangkok, there are no vendors allowed inside the area.

You can focus on the majestic view, the unforgettable moments you’ll be sharing, and most of all, the lovely Thai woman you’re on a date with.

3. Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise

There are some posh options for you if you want to stick with the classic dinner route, but of course, with a Bangkok kind of flair.

The Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise elevates Thailand’s street culture, transforming your usual dating experience like no other.

Who said a dinner date can’t be this fancy? Treat your lady to a memorable meal and go on a trip by the iconic Chao Phraya River.

You can come by and enjoy it with the rest of the crowd or pick a more intimate setup by booking in advance. There is a special table by the deck with an even more spectacular view.

Cruise by the “River of Kings” and enjoy their five-star menu. We believe that the only thing that can make this occasion even sweeter is indulging in the freshest fruits you can ever find in Bangkok Thailand.

4. Khao San Road

If you’re interested in checking out the Bangkok nightlife for a livelier date, there is no better place to be than at this esteemed strip.

A central short street located in the center of the city, Khao San Road is well loved by couples the same way backpackers rush in amazement to this place.

Here, you will find multiple bars, nightclubs, as well as establishments that showcase live performances. The street is also filled with stalls that offer scrumptious street food that can only be found in Thailand.

To top things off, you can purchase some souvenirs to commemorate your date. The best part is you’re less likely to go broke even if you stay until the break of dawn. That’s how affordable the prices here are.

Walk around, get some ice cream, and enjoy witnessing street performers to further liven up your evening.

5. Temple of the Emerald Buddha

When in Bangkok, visiting this majestic place is a must. Thai girls would be more than happy to take you on a cultural and historic trip as you admire the beauty and wonder of this sacred temple.

Also known as Wat Phra Kaew, the temple is among a complex of buildings located inside the famous Grand Palace found within the heart of Bangkok. It houses the highly revered Emerald Buddha which is made out of a huge block of jade.

Inside, you and your date can walk along the kilometers-long gallery depicting famous scenes from the epic “Ramayana”. This is a learning opportunity as much as it is a chance to win a Thai woman’s heart.

A bit of preparation is needed though; the temple requires a strict dress code with no shorts or sleeveless tops allowed.

Experiencing Bangkok Thailand Like Never Before

There are indeed many fun places to go on a date when you’re in this city. From this list alone, you can pick any kind of adventure you like. There are not so pricey dates, as well as dinners that offer nothing but unique gastronomic experiences.

The Land of Smiles has more for you to explore, and what better chance to do so than bringing a lovely date with you? Be the perfect gentleman and we are sure you can expect many more succeeding dates. Be sure to check out these dating destinations in Bangkok Thailand and experience love and romance like never before.

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