Bangkok Restaurants Thai Women LOVE: Dating in Thailand

woman smiling while eating pasta Take Thai women out to restaurants to date them.

Whether it is dinner or a cup of coffee, taking someone to an establishment where they can consume food or drink is a staple of dating. Taking someone out to dinner is one of the most common types of dates out there for a lot of people.

A man who is meeting Thai women but isn’t actually a local is going to have to consider his options. Street food can be a pretty popular thing in Thailand. It’s a great and inexpensive way to get food for two. Plus, vendors can be pretty ubiquitous, so they won’t be all that hard to find and there are many Thai women who have taste buds that appreciated some grub off of a cart.

The thing about street food is that there isn’t sometimes a set location for it. Vendors can move their cart from place to place throughout the day. But they almost always won’t be that far away from you, especially if you get a hotel in the heart of the city.

Getting a hotel in the heart of the city means being right in the middle of everything, including the routes that many street vendors traverse in order to sell their wares. Just step out of your hotel, walk down the street a bit, and you’re more than likely to encounter a vendor selling street food like pad see ew or pad kra pao.

Some people like to cook their own meals and also like to cook for other people. But cooking may not be an option since kitchens may be inaccessible. Which leaves a man with one option when dating in Thailand—restaurants.

Restaurants are great for dating because they offer food without having to go through the process of actually cooking said food. They are perfect for dating because they let a couple get a good meal while also giving them the space to focus on each other.

But the thing about restaurants is that there are almost always a lot of options, especially for someone who may not be as familiar with the area as a local. But each option generally has their strengths and their weaknesses. Here are some of Bangkok’s restaurants that Thai women love:

  • Mos Burger
  • Some Western men may find themselves gravitating towards fast-food restaurants, if only because the fare that they serve is likely to be familiar to them. Thai women will probably appreciate this type of food as well.

    In fact, there are probably a lot Thai people who appreciate some good western fast food, which means that they may not be terrible places to go out on dates for Thai women and western men. Fast-food restaurants are not that pricey and the food is not made to order, so you won’t have to spend too much money and you’ll get your food pretty much immediately, which is not a bad thing. The downside is that fast food is not exactly the healthiest fare available, so it might not be great for older men to have too much of it in their diets, so that’s a pretty significant downside as far as downsides go.

    Plus, it’ll be hard to find a genuine Thai dish in such restaurants. There may be some Thai spins on the usual fare, but true Thai food may be hard to come by.

    One place that serves the western fare with a slightly local twist is Mos Burger. While it may not be truly Thai, having been founded in Japan, it does offer a new twist on familiar favorites.

  • Old Town White Coffee
  • Now, if a full meal just isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe going to a coffee shop is just right for you. While the coffee is relatively pricey, sometimes a person just isn’t in the mood for a full meal but could definitely eat a little something, which is why coffee shops are great. They offer coffee, tea, sometimes sandwiches and cakes. They may not be full meals unto themselves, but they are pretty good for a heavy snack, but not a full meal.

    Coffee shops are also great for preliminary dating because they’re not supposed to take up a whole evening like a dinner is. An hour or so in the afternoon should be more than enough when it comes to meeting someone for coffee.

    Old Town White Coffee is pretty popular throughout Southeast Asia and has locations in places like Malaysia, where it originated, Singapore, and Thailand. They serve a wide variety of drinks and food.

  • El Toro Steakhouse
  • When people think of a dinner date, they may find themselves picturing a restaurant with tablecloths and hefty silverware where a waiter comes to their table and offers them a tasting menu and takes their order and a sommelier offers them a fine selection of wine.

    Now, the part about the sommelier may or may not happen, but Bangkok has a few good steakhouses that offer that level of service and one of them is the El Toro Steakhouse located on 541 Sukhumvit Road. Offering a fine selection of beef sourced from Argentina, New Zealand, and local sources, El Toro is the kind of place that is going to hit the spot and also be the spot where you may find yourself falling for a Thai woman.

    El Toro also offers pork dishes like sausage and tomahawk pork chops for those who may not feel like filling up with some beef.

  • Ministry of Crab
  • Of course, meat is not everyone’s favorite. Sure, it’s tasty and juicy and filling, but some people want something a little more aquatic in nature. Some people prefer aquatic meat to terrestrial meat. Ministry of Crab on 31 Sam-ed, No.15/Soi Sukhumvit 31 Klongtoeynuea.

    If crab and other seafood is what you want, this is the place to be. It can also be the place to be if you have a lovely lady that you want to take out on a nice night.

  • Ethos
  • Some people either don’t eat meat out of personal principle or health concern. Enter Ethos, a restaurant located close to Khaosan Road, a charming place that offers a wide variety of Western and Eastern food that has a litany of options for vegetarians and vegans.

Dining Is Part of the Dating Process

Dating and eating are two things that generally go hand in hand. People eat when they date and when they do, they usually do it in a public setting like a restaurant. In Thailand dating culture, you will have the chance to learn about Thai women through food. Although Thai cuisine should not be missed, it is undeniable that Western food also has influenced their food choices. Western or local food, you will never run out of options in Bangkok.

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