Thai Women | Topics to Avoid When You're on a Date With One

A photo of a beautiful Thai woman about to dine on a bowl of noodles Have a grand time dating Thai women by knowing what topics you should avoid.

There are some people who go through extreme lengths just so they can meet the love of their life. Some take days off from work to seek the company of a loved one, others travel thousands of miles to feel the love and warmth of their significant other. Simply put, people are willing to go the extra mile for the sake of love because they know that all the efforts they put in will be worth it in the end. As a matter of fact, men from the West who were able to find love in the East, particularly among Thai women, will tell you the exact same thing.

Asian culture could not be more different than Western culture. But for some reason, the relationship between an American man and Asian woman seems to work. A relationship like this can begin quickly and smoothly. But when handled inappropriately, it can end just as abruptly. Understanding a Thai woman is essential if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with her. That includes knowing which things may be considered offensive to their history and culture. The same applies to when you’re dating one. So if you want to make a good impression and avoid saying the wrong things, here are some topics to steer clear of, especially during the early stages of your relationship:

  • Your prior sex life. No person wants to hear about their partner’s previous sex life. The same can be said of Thai women. It’s never ideal to talk about your previous affairs no matter what, not unless your partner asks about it. Even if they do, it’s best to avoid talking about it in detail.
  • Prostitution. Bangkok is known for many things, both good and bad, both factual and untrue. It just so happens that prostitution is among the many things that certain people think about when they visit Bangkok. However, never ask a Thai woman about this if you want to have a serious relationship with her. It is going to send her mixed or negative signals.
  • Words of disrespect towards her family. People of Thailand are known to be family-centered. It is part of their core values. If you wish to date a Thai woman, it is fairly safe to assume that she is close to her family. So be sure you always treat her family in high regard, whether or not you’ve already met them. If your relationship works out well, you can look forward to meeting them in no time.
  • Other women. As someone who is already dating another, talking about other women will only show that you’re better off being single. Doing something as insensitive as this is never appreciated, and Thai women will immediately get discouraged about dating you.
  • Income. Although it’s not that big a deal for everybody, it’s better to play safe and lay off conversations about income and wealth. If a Thai woman asks what you do for a living, then you may give her some insight. But never let your source of income be the center of your conversation. You might end up sounding arrogant, shallow, or greedy, and no Thai woman wants to date a guy like that.

Keep in mind that when a Thai woman loves you, it will be genuine and true. Thai women are good at making you feel appreciated and cared for, especially if you know how to treat them right. If you get the chance to date one, make a good impression by knowing how to present yourself, and that includes knowing how to carry your conversations and avoiding topics that may offend or upset her. Have an amazing time dating beautiful Thai women and experience a fulfilling love life like never before!

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