How Long Should You Talk to Someone before Dating Them?

Man and woman dating, where the man is singing to the woman while playing a guitar How long should you talk to someone before dating in Bangkok? Let’s figure out how.

It takes time to find a partner, let alone commit to one. Then there are some people who are more concerned about how long they should date someone before making things official, or how long until they decide to move in or get married.

But for now we’ll focus on this: How long should you talk to someone before dating them?

The “talking stage” can feel burdensome sometimes because you never know what will happen as you and a potential partner get to know each other.

Taking a chance and rushing into a commitment are two very different things. It may not be crucial for you to get into a relationship at the moment, but remember that once you do, commitment is a prerequisite.

If you’ve been getting to know someone for a while now, and you mean to take your relationship to the next level, then you’ll need to have a plan in mind.

How long should you invest your time in this person? And considering that the person you’re talking to happens to be a Thai woman living in Bangkok, there are other factors to consider to make your relationship work.

How Does Bangkok Dating Work?

Bangkok’s dating scene has a healthy mix of modern and traditional practices. Most of Thailand has left the “arranged marriage” customs and developed into a more urban scene of modern dating.

Both men and women are free to date whoever they want, and international dating is more common than ever.

Three Thai women at a dinner event People mistake Thai women to be dull and boring because of their reserved character, but Thai women can be as fun and outgoing too.

Some customs still remain, but let’s go over two important practices in Thai dating culture.


Courtship in Bangkok starts with being friends, going through the talking stage, then becoming an official couple. Women in Bangkok take the talking stage seriously so they can assess whether a man is worth dating, and ultimately, to see if he has the qualities of a lifelong partner.

If a man is capable and worthy of a Thai woman, then he passes the test, and they officially start dating.

This takes time since the culture in Thailand is monogamous. According to an article by Genine Torres, “Men can only take one woman as a wife.” That being said, the practice of dating in Bangkok shows that people date with marriage in mind.

Social Expectations

Compared to Western countries, the family of the Thai woman you’re dating expects you to be financially capable of supporting her and the entire family.

Traditional gender roles are still an important aspect of the dating culture in Bangkok. Women in Bangkok desire a man who can provide for and protect the family.

If a Thai woman sees you as someone she wants to spend her life with, then dating will be a responsibility to bring forth the idea of marriage.

Don't Get Your Hopes Too High before Dating

Many men fail to manage their expectations when dating, and it breaks the emotional connection that they worked hard on building. People tend to forget that dating can have its pressures and shortcomings.

When you meet a potential partner in Bangkok, don’t expect her to be entirely perfect. You may not notice some of her flaws in the early stages of getting to know her, but that’s the point of dating as well. You learn more about each other as you build a romantic connection that can lead to a happy relationship.

You’re also bound to experience a few challenges when dating someone who grew up in a culture that’s different from your own. There are things that may seem normal to her but unusual for you. So managing your expectations can help you keep up the challenge.

Once you understand how to manage your expectations, taking on risks and handling each other’s cultural differences can help you build a healthy connection with your future Thai partner.

With that in mind, here are some additional tips for dating a Thai woman from Bangkok.

Know the risks before dating.

Man and woman having open communication Dating always comes with risk, but it shouldn’t stop you from looking for the love of your life.

Every commitment has its risks, and knowing about the risks helps you and a potential partner respect boundaries. When dating a Thai woman from Bangkok, one common risk is getting into a long-distance relationship or having a communication or language barrier.

Knowing the risks and evaluating them helps you assess whether you will be able to commit to dating a Thai woman. Make sure to consider the risks and challenges, then evaluate the potential relationship with your future Thai partner.

Understand the cultural differences.

Understanding one’s culture not only educates you, but makes you appreciate your similarities as well. It’s good to be open about different values, beliefs, and customs. Opening up your mind to different perspectives will allow you to break barriers and build bridges along the way.

Talking about these things with a potential partner can also help you understand any personal preferences you may have.

This way, you will learn to understand each other and celebrate your differences and similarities altogether.

Keeping your expectations in check, evaluating the risks, and understanding cultural differences help you take the necessary steps to making a relationship work with a Thai woman. And these things are vital to getting to know her before you start dating.

So How Long Should You Talk to Someone before Dating Them?

There’s no particular timeline for how long you should talk to someone before dating them, but society thinks that giving it two months or more is good enough. Aside from getting to know a person, you will also have to be patient in the process of doing so.

Even couples in long-term relationships and those who are married learn something new about each other every day. Of course, all of this depends on you and your partner.

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to give my time and effort?”

Then ask the person you’re interested in the same question.

It’s even more challenging if you meet online, but don’t get discouraged. Online dating provides more options and opportunities when it comes to finding a life partner. It also takes time to see if you’re compatible with someone before arranging a face-to-face interaction or meetup.

So be patient with someone you think you’re compatible with because if you’re dedicated enough, they’ll see the effort and intention with ease.

If you want to evaluate your time before you put all your eggs in a basket, here are some tips to consider before you start dating:

Build a friendship.

Start out as friends. This gives you a different perspective about your future Thai partner, like how she handles everyday situations or how she treats the people around her.

You’ll be building trust every day without the pressure of being exclusive to one another. You’ll definitely hit the jackpot if you end up dating someone you were able to be good friends with at the start. So building a friendship first can give you the key foundations of dating.

The talking stage.

This is where it gets serious. You start talking about your interests, particularly your expectations when it comes to a romantic relationship. So instead of having these discussions as friends, get to know her as a potential partner and see if your goals are aligned.

You have to see if you’re compatible enough to be in a relationship.

There are a number of advantages to dating Thai women, but it’s best to assess whether it’s something you want to pursue. Doing so will help you decide if you’re ready to take the next step.

Be patient.

When you’re patient enough, good things will come, so don’t rush it. Dating is not a race, and it shouldn’t be to begin with. Take your time, get to know your Thai lady better, evaluate, then decide.

Don’t waste your time rushing things.

It’s not healthy to put all your energy and effort into someone who just gives you the bare minimum. It will all be pointless. So be patient.

Man and woman in a happy relationship, the man twirling the woman around It takes time, but the time you invest with the right person will be worth it.

Patience is underrated nowadays. Not much effort is given because people would rather take the easy way out, with minimal effort, less time, and much more resources to save.

It’s like a 6-second Tiktok video, where you feel euphoric for a few seconds, get sick of it, and then move on.

Dating takes time and effort. If you want your relationship to flourish with your future Thai girlfriend, give enough, know enough, and be patient enough.

Be patient enough to wait for what you deserve.

All things considered, how long should you talk to someone before dating them? Well, once you get to know them and consider the benefits and challenges of dating them, you’ll know when to move forward and take the next step.

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