How to Approach Women in Public in 2023

Woman holds rails Are you brave enough to shoot your shot anywhere? Allow this guide to teach you how to approach women in public.

Picture this: you’re out exploring Bangkok’s busy streets when you spot a gorgeous lady going about her day. Is it love at first sight? Maybe not, but you can’t deny that you like what you’re seeing!

Now that you can’t take your eyes off her, you contemplate whether or not to approach her. You want to strike up a wholesome conversation without coming across as a pathetic creep. The question is, how can you do that?

If you want to know how to approach women in public appropriately, listen up! There’s a good reason to be cautious regarding this because it can escalate rather quickly — and not in a good way. You can’t predict someone’s reactions, so you better proceed with caution before going for it. Here’s what you should do to make this risky move:

Mapping Out Your Approach

Before you talk to the object of affection, you may want to craft your approach first. Trust us — don’t go in blindly!

Think of planning your approach the same way you would prepare a project at work. There’s a reason the pre-planning stage is just as important as the other phases! Your odds will be slightly better if you know what you’re doing with your approach.

These points should be considered as you map out your approach:

Let regrets go

Shooting your shot doesn’t come without risk. Regardless of the outcome, your approach should be something you won’t regret down the line. Take the (scary) leap with optimism and confidence anyway — even if the answer won’t be the one you’re hoping for.

Cut out the party poopers

If you want a regret-proof plan, weed out potential mistakes.

One, don’t let your looks carry you. Is physical attraction part of the equation? Absolutely! However, your face alone won’t be enough to convince your lucky lady to give you a second look.

Man looking at the view from a height A handsome face may call a woman’s attention, but that alone won’t draw her to you.

Still, you should pay attention to your grooming habits. Keep your body clean by practicing good grooming. Don’t forget to dress the part too!

Two, keep the bad vibes out. Girls will feel much more comfortable in the company of self-assured men who have their limits and respect other people’s boundaries. Even if you’re the most attractive guy in the universe, you won’t hear a peep from ladies if you have an ugly personality.

Three, forget expectations! They just add extra pressure, especially for nervous souls. Don’t force yourself to achieve things like getting her number off the bat — that’ll just make things harder for you.

Getting these mishaps out won’t be easy because some aren’t as obvious as others. Now that we’ve pointed them out, we hope you can avoid them.

Let your body do some talking too

A person’s body language holds just as much weight as their words. Even the most subtle facial expression counts!

According to body language researcher Albert Mehrabian, nonverbal cues make up 55% of communication. Use that statistic to your advantage by adopting a calm and collected demeanor. Look your dream girl in the eyes while flashing a genuine smile. Your relaxed state will make you appear confident.

The Tips: How to Approach Women in Public

Now comes the fun (or for some, not-so-fun) part: the approach itself.

There’s no rulebook on how to approach a woman in public. However, there are two ways you can go about this; you can either take the indirect strategy or just go straight for direct tactics. We’ll break down each approach to help you decide what to go for.

The Direct Approach

Most men think of using this approach when they see women that catch their eye. It takes heaps of self-confidence and self-awareness to work because here’s a friendly reminder: rejection is always a cloud floating in the air.

Two people exchange looks at a bar. Proceed with caution before asking a girl out in public.

Should you take this approach, apply these useful and no-nonsense tips:

Follow the five-second rule

For those unaware, this rule encourages people to act on a goal or desire within five seconds. Holding out any longer than that will kill your chances. Five seconds may seem short, but a lot can happen as the clock ticks!

Go for quirks instead of compliments

Are you lost on what to say when approaching a girl? Don’t overthink it! Choose your words wisely and keep them simple. Ditch the compliments and shout out charming quirks or qualities that stand out.

When she checks you out, return the favor

If a pair of beautiful eyes are looking at you, take that as a go signal! This falls in line with the five-second rule earlier, so don’t miss out on your chance before it’s gone!

The Indirect Approach

Some men prefer using this style because of its more natural feel. You can also apply this approach when forming friendships with new people.

Ease into a crowd

Are you in an establishment packed with people? If you’re hanging out at parties, bars, or dance floors, make a calm and subtle entrance as you make your way through the crowd.

Emit good vibes only

Good vibes radiate a pleasant glow. If you think women won’t notice this, the truth is that they do! Think of your optimism as a magnet: when ladies catch on, they’ll latch on to it as soon as they can.

Enjoy yourself

Put your phone down for a moment and enjoy the atmosphere! We promise you’ll have a better time that way. Exchange smiles and pleasantries for more confidence.

Approaching Women in Other Settings

If you’re not too keen on approaching women in public, that’s fine. You can also choose to make your move in more private locations. Most of the tips above can be applied in most settings anyway.

Let’s say you’ve spotted an attractive gym-goer doing an intense workout. If you want to know how to approach a woman at the gym, one way to do that is by letting her finish her session. It’s best to strike up a conversation in between or after sets.

Are you the shy type who can’t muster the courage to approach a girl publicly? That’s okay! The internet is your friend, and there are plenty of platforms out there that’ll help you take the leap. Just make sure to choose one that aligns with your desires and priorities. Learning how to approach a woman online is different from asking her out in public, and it deserves a blog entry of its own for proper discussion.

Now that you have an idea of how to approach women in public, go ahead and shoot your shot! Just remember to avoid crossing lines you shouldn’t cross and learn when to take no for an answer.

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