How to Find a Girlfriend in Bangkok | Serious Dating Tips

A smiling Bangkok woman enjoying her smoothie drinks. How to find a girlfriend in Bangkok? Don’t miss out on these serious dating tips to give you a good head start!

Every year, the number of foreigners coming to Thailand to look for a girlfriend or wife increases.

If you’re a man who is looking for a beautiful and traditional wife, this may sound like a great idea. Unfortunately, the idea of traveling to find a partner gets a lot of pushback. Some people find it unsavory and even exploitative. But Thai women have their own reasons for being exceptionally receptive to dating Western men.

A book called “Foreign Boyfriend, Foreign Husband’’ in which chapters were written by Thai women married to foreigners, Thai men were depicted as drunkard, violent, and adulterous. Hence, Thai women prefer foreign men whom they see as more responsible and accepting. This could be a contributing factor to the rising number of foreign men coming to Thailand to find a girlfriend that hopefully lasts as a lifetime partner.

So, if you’re someone who hasn’t found your match among women in your local area, you happen to be in the right place. There are a lot of Bangkok women out there who are looking for a lifetime partner and a serious relationship.

So, if you want to know how to find a girlfriend in Bangkok, the following tips will give you a good head start.

How to Find a Girlfriend in Bangkok?

  • Join Bangkok social and Cultural events.
A parade of people on the street gathering for a traditional festival. Find a girlfriend in Bangkok by joining social and cultural events.

If you’re into serious dating, you would have to invest time and energy to find the right woman for you. Most men would go to nightclubs and bars expecting to meet a bunch of educated and cultured women. Well, reality says otherwise. Most of them are hustlers and masters in keeping several boyfriends whom they receive gifts and money from.

If you’re already aware of this and still want to go for the bar and club set up, just be extra cautious. Things can be fun initially, but you don’t want to experience these kinds of unfortunate scenarios.

Another thing is about the ladyboys. If you’re hell bent on meeting women in Bangkok, you don’t want to fall into a trap of falling for a lady boy. It can be hard to set women and ladyboys apart in a bar or club setting.

While there’s nothing wrong with dating a ladyboy, you don’t want to be disappointed by the time you find out the truth. This is the kind of surprise you won’t like especially when you’re expecting to date a woman from the get go.

Steer clear of bars and clubs and join Bangkok social events or Cultural programs instead. Social events are a great way to meet like-minded people as they are not only limited to parties and night outs but also include gatherings like game nights, table tennis tournaments, or open mic shows.

Cultural programs are also great venues to meet single women who you can potentially go out with. Women in Bangkok or Thai women in general pride themselves with their rich culture and heritage. Join art exhibits, language exchange, or cultural tours and work up the courage to approach women.

  • Participate in Volunteer programs.

If you’re staying in the capital and want to take a break from the noise of city life, why not volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai? Chiang Mai offers a variety of cultural and physical activities that will definitely satisfy your craving for travel and adventure.

Being in volunteer programs can increase your chance of meeting single women and finding someone who would be interested in dating you.

Considering the distance, volunteering in Chiang Mai is only possible for one time visit though.

In case you’re staying in the capital, you can volunteer regularly through many volunteer organizations in Bangkok that welcome participants from all over the world.

  • Go to the same place repeatedly.
Two beautiful Bangkok women enjoying their hot drinks at a cafe. Find a girlfriend in Bangkok by going to the same place repeatedly. Cafes are great examples!

A lot of men seeking advice on how to find a girlfriend in Bangkok think it’s a one-and-done process. Well, it’s totally the opposite. You would have to expand your circles and that means investing more time and effort. Going to the same places repeatedly is an effective way to get people to be comfortable with you and make more friends in the process.

For example, hanging out at the same cafe gives you a good chance of making friends with the barista or the cafe staff, or women who also happen to frequent the cafe. Thai women are generally shy. So if you repeatedly go to the same place, you’ll build familiarity– a helpful pre-requisite to approaching women.

The Bangkok dating scene is quite diverse, but expanding your circles organically is definitely worth the effort and time.

  • Ask Thai friends.

One of the most ideal ways to find a girlfriend in Bangkok is to ask your Thai friends to hook you up with someone who’s also actively searching. Recommendations are way better since you can ask your friend about the personality or preferences of the person you’re meeting with. This way, breaking the ice wouldn’t be as much of a challenge as approaching any woman.

  • Try Bangkok Online dating.

Bangkok online dating is pretty much the same as the rest of the world. There are certain dating apps for meeting local women in Bangkok, although you’d have to be more cautious of scammers lurking behind attractive profiles.

If they send messages asking for money or tell stories about a sick family member, this is one red flag you should look out for. See how she reacts if you say no to her request, and give it time to see if she sticks around.

If she ghosts you after a couple of days, then it’s time for you to move on and date another woman.

Meeting Women in Bangkok Pro Tips

  • Learn Thai Phrases.

Learning Thai phrases is one way to get you one step ahead of the others. Thai women are generally shy, so approaching them using Thai phrases can be a great warm up.

You’re not only meeting women in Bangkok, but you’re also expanding your horizons by trying to learn another language.

  • Connect through Social Networking Services (SNS).

Asking a girl out in person puts them under pressure. You might want to connect via SNS, like Facebook, or ask directly for her phone number. This doesn’t only give her the time to decide, but you’ll save yourself from the upfront humiliation in case she says no.

These are only a few of the many tips and ways you can meet women in Bangkok. Always go for something that feels natural to you or where you’re most comfortable. Finding the right woman takes time, but you can also take it as an opportunity to learn more about the Bangkok dating scene or even test the waters.

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