How to Impress Thai Parents | 5 Easy Ways

A photo of Thai parents. Are you meeting your Thai girlfriend’s parents for the first time? Follow these tips on how to impress Thai parents to help you boost your confidence!

Do you feel the pressure to impress your lover’s parents? You’re not alone. We want to convince them that we’re serious and sincere with our intentions.

If you’re dating a Thai woman, you’re probably aware of their strong family ties. Naturally, you’d want to know how to impress Thai parents.

Fortunately, the many Western men who are now happily married to a Thai woman will tell you that it’s not as hard as it seems. With a little can-do attitude and an open mind, you can easily win her parent’s approval.

But how exactly do you do that? Before you continue reading, you’ll need to throw all your presumptions in the bin. First of all, this is not all about money. Her parents only want to ensure that their daughter is in good hands.

So, impress your future parents-in-law with hard work, determination, and sincerity.

After all, these things are not that hard to exhibit when you’re marrying for love.

Impress Her Thai Parents with These 5 Easy Ways.

1. Be transparent with your future plans and decisions.

This doesn’t mean you let her parents manipulate your relationship. The starting point of a relationship with a Thai woman is crucial. So, it’s important to show her parents respect by simply letting them know your future plans and decisions.

A photo of a bride and groom’s hands making a pinky swear. Give her Thai parents peace of mind by being transparent with your future plans and decisions.

One thing you can talk to her parents about is relocating to your home country with your partner. While you might assume it’s what they want for their daughter as she can live a better future, this is not always the case.

Thai families place a high emphasis on staying connectioned. If you’re making such a big decision, at least give her parents the time and opportunity to understand.

2. Send gifts.

Sending or giving gifts to her parents is customary. When you come to their house to meet them, don’t go empty-handed. Think of it as basic and common courtesy.

So, what are the best gifts for Thai parents?

As a starter, think of the best souvenir item from your home country. This way, you’re giving them a little bit of background of who you are and where you come from. Bring imported chocolates, whiskey, snacks, cookies, cakes, fruits, potato chips, etc.

If you weren’t able to buy any gifts before flying over, local gift items work fine too. Thai families are the most pleasant and welcoming type. So, there’s no need to fret about meeting them.

Just avoid bringing carnations or marigolds as these are flowers used for funerals.

Another great gift is bird’s nest soup. Most old Thai people believe that bird’s nest soup helps boost their immune system. Even with its expensive price, you won’t regret buying one when you see the smiles on their faces.

3. Learn a Few Thai Phrases.

A great way to impress her parents and friends is by using Thai phrases. Addressing and greeting them in Thai doesn’t just show that you’re accepting of their culture, it helps you connect with them better. Now, let’s learn how you can address each of them using a few Thai endearments and phrases.

Children address their Thai dads by the endearment พ่อ (phâaw) or ป๊ะป๋า (bpá-bpǎa) while แม่ (mâae) or หม่าม๊า (màa-máa), หม่ามี๊ (màa-míi), and ม๊า (máa) for Thai mothers.

Make sure to ask your Thai partner for the correct pronunciation. The text might look quite intimidating at first. But, they’re mostly single-syllabic endearments that are easy to learn.

How about the word family? How do you say family in Thai?

ครอบครัว (khrâawp-khruua)

Level it up by saying ฉันรักครอบครัวของคุณ (C̄hạn rạk khrxbkhrạw k̄hxng khuṇ) which translates as ‘’I love your family’’ in English.

Thai words may seem impossible to read and pronounce, but with a bit of practice and help from your partner, you’ll be speaking basic Thai in no time.

4. Take her family to the beach.

A photo of a smiling Thai woman sitting by the beach. Impress Thai families by taking them to the beach.

The beach is a great place for you to bond with her family. It helps if you’re someone who enjoys the water. Plus, it’s a great way to revel in the natural beauty of Thailand’s coasts.

Going to the beach isn’t just good fun, it’s afforable as well. Unless you plan on booking a 5-star resort or hotel, this activity will be light on your wallet.

Assuming you’re meeting her family for the first time, it would be nice to do something extra and special for them. But, this is totally not a requirement.

5. Follow Thai etiquette and manners.

First of all, avoid controversial topics. When you interact with your partner’s parents, you can’t always predict where your conversation will lead. Remember never to mention anything about the royal family. Thai people have high regard and reverence for the royal family in Thailand, so it’s safe to avoid any related topics.

Also, try not to ask questions that are too personal on your first meeting with her parents. Thai parenting is very distinct from Western ways. Be careful not to say anything snarky. The safest thing to do is ask questions and listen most of the time. Use the things you observe to your advantage.

Try to follow local manners and etiquette. For example, leave your shoes outside the house and show respect for Buddhist amulets and Thai currency. Just in case you drop a coin on the floor, don’t use your feet to stop it from rolling. Wait for the coin to stop rolling by itself instead.

Gain Her Parents’ Approval with Sincerity and Respect.

Parents only wish the best for their child. Thai parents are no exception to that. When they see sincerity and respect from you, then they’re not going to have a hard time trusting you with their daughter. In fact, they will accept and treat you as a family.

You have to reflect on whether you’re committed enough to reach this point. Understand the cultural considerations and embrace the realities that come along with them. Once you reach that level of maturity, you consider these things essential in any relationship.

This doesn’t mean you allow her parents to control your relationship. But, their blessing serves as your ticket to the happy future you and your Thai partner will live for a lifetime.

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