Online Dating Etiquette | The Do's and Don'ts

A photo of a man texting. Proper online dating etiquette ensures an enjoyable dating experience. Nothing is better than sharing positive vibes with people you meet online.

Do you want to maximize your chances of finding the right woman online? Then observing proper etiquette can help you go a long way.

By following unwritten rules of online dating, you and the woman you’re trying to connect with can maintain a mutual sense of understanding and security and have a pleasant online experience.

Rules are a big part of life, and the world of online dating is no exception. There are things you should and shouldn’t do, protocols to follow, and a set of acceptable behavior that you need to adhere to.

When you follow proper online dating etiquette, you have a better chance of matching with the right person. Here, we will go through some of the Dos and Don’ts of online dating.

Dos of the Online Dating World

Be truthful. Because being online grants you a certain level of anonymity, you may be tempted to skew certain facts to your advantage.

However, we maintain that honesty is still the best policy.

If you don’t want to come off as an online catfish, you need to be honest with the other person. You can do that by using your own actual photos, introducing yourself using your real name (can be a nickname you go by and doesn’t have to be your full name for safety reasons), and providing an honest description of yourself (e.g. don’t say you’re a cat lover when you’re really allergic to them).

By being honest, you will attract the type of woman you want. Being honest will also help when you are talking to more than one person online. Dating multiple people simultaneously can be confusing if you are telling half-truths. How would you even remember which lie you told who? Yikes!

Be active. Don’t keep the other person waiting for too long. Give them the impression that you are interested by promptly replying to their messages. Don’t leave them without a reply for more than 24 hours, or they’ll think you’re only talking to them out of convenience.

Be considerate. Through online dating, you can connect with people from different parts of the world. With that said, you need to be considerate when interacting with them. Remember your cultural and time zone differences.

Jokes that you find funny might not be as funny to the other person. And just because they’re not replying to your messages doesn’t mean they’re not being serious; they might just be sleeping because it might be nighttime where they are.

Be positive. There is no room for negativity in online dating. It doesn’t matter how many times you get rejected or how bad your day was, for as long as you stay positive, you will always vibe with people you talk to online.

Positivity breeds positivity and a little of it can go a long way. Keep your head up and know that everything — including bad things — happens for a reason.

Be respectful. Since you are chatting with a person you’ve never seen before, you have to be respectful if you want them to treat you the same way.

While you can throw playful insults at your friends, you should remember that doing the same to someone you just met is highly inappropriate. Show respect and earn it in return.

A man having a good laugh with someone in the online dating world. The online dating world is a great and safe place for those who maintain proper online dating etiquette.

Don'ts of the Online Dating World

Don’t be too aggressive. An overly-aggressive approach includes sending unsolicited photos of yourself (mostly inappropriate ones), talking about intimate things without first getting to know them (sexting), saying “I love you” too early in the dating stage, and hurrying to meet in person. There’s a difference between being assertive and being aggressive.

Don’t spam. If the person you are chatting to does not respond to your messages, they might not be interested in you or maybe they’re just busy. Do not force them to reply by spamming their inbox. You’ll only come off as desperate and needy by doing so. This is also true about proper texting etiquette.

Don’t show off being a serial dater. A serial dater is a person who dates for the thrill and excitement in the beginning stages of a relationship then jumps ship before anything serious can develop and repeats the same thing with another person.

You’ll be surprised at how many online daters are actually looking for something serious, not just a one-time thrill. Women don’t appreciate players and giving them hints that you are a serial dater is one you’ll come to regret.

Don’t talk about politics. Different people have different opinions, so don’t assume that you have the same views when it comes to politics or religion. Unless you joined online dating to start a debate, never talk about politics. The same is true when you chat with people from other countries who may have very different belief systems from yours.

Don’t judge a person by their photo. Photos can alter the way people look in real life, so if you find someone’s photo unattractive, keep the thought to yourself. Or don’t act too excited when someone looks hot on paper.

You never really know what that person looks like until you meet them in person. Manage your expectations, and no matter what they look like, always be respectful.

Don’t ghost someone. Ghosting is the ultimate sign of disrespect. you can’t just make someone think you’re into them and then just disappear without even saying goodbye. If you need to leave, do it properly and respectfully.

Don’t ask them out right away. While your goal is to eventually ask them out and connect with them on a personal level, do not do it in your first message. Or the second. Or the third. They might take time to feel comfortable enough to agree to an in-person meeting.

Until then, do not jump the gun. Don’t risk looking like a total creep or you’ll ruin your chance to get to know that person better. While you can respectfully ask if you think the time is right, do not make it a regular occurrence.

A photo of a happy couple. Proper online dating etiquette promotes a healthy and happy environment to foster a relationship.

Why Online Dating Etiquette is Important

At the end of the day, your goal is to meet someone you can date and be happy with. Follow these Dos and Don’ts and people online will look at you with a higher sense of respect.

Whether you decide to meet foreign women or chat with locals, the same set of online dating etiquette should be put in place to ensure you and the other person will have an enjoyable online dating experience.

Maintaining proper etiquette will also build your character and allow you to develop into a better version of yourself with a renewed sense of respect and integrity toward people you meet online.

You can always join us today to brush up on your dating etiquette. With expert matchmakers at your fingertips, you should have no problems navigating the online dating world.

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