Pros and Cons of Marrying a Thai Woman

A Thai bride standing in front of a groom. Before popping the question, go through the pros and cons of marrying a Thai woman. That way, you can manage expectations and plan your future accordingly.

Have you been dating a Thai woman and thinking of finally tying the knot? Despite how glorious you may picture your future marriage to be, you likely have your share of apprehensions and what-ifs as well.

Will her religious beliefs become a major issue going forward? Will her parents get in the way of your decision-making? Where will you ultimately choose to live, in Thailand or in your home country?

While these are legitimate concerns, don’t let these thoughts scare you off. You’ll face similar quandaries no matter who you marry, so best be prepared to handle your difficulties objectively, and together.

To prepare you to handle whatever future marriage problems will come your way, here are some of the known pros and cons of marrying a Thai woman.

By understanding her cultural influences and what she is really like as an individual, you can better accept her as she is and prepare for a lifetime with her.

Pros of Marrying a Thai Woman:

Thai women have many unique positive traits. But here are traits that could directly impact your married life:

1.     She shows respect for her husband and his family.

Respect for elders is deeply ingrained into Thai culture.

Thai people have a customary greeting called the “Wai”. They put their two hands together and slightly bow their head when greeting a person older than them.

Your future wife will show this same kind of respect towards your parents as well. She’ll also make the effort to make a good impression on them.

Another thing that comes with her strong family ties value is respect for her husband. Once you become her husband, you become her family. And when that happens, she will show you due respect as the head of the household.

2.   She follows traditional gender roles.

Following traditional gender roles can have both advantages and disadvantages. It only becomes a disadvantage if you prefer a career-woman wife. Because as a consequence of your wife staying at home, you’re expected to provide the necessities for the family like securing the house, bills, education, and other necessities.

On the other hand, if she chooses to become a housewife, she can focus her attention on raising the kids and attending to important household tasks. This way, each of you has one clear designated role—you the provider, your Thai wife the nurturer.

Thai women typically find satisfaction in cooking meals, doing the laundry, and washing the dishes. As a traditional woman, she does these things out of love for her husband and for her family.

3.   She has strong family values.

For a Thai woman, family always comes first. It benefits your married life in many aspects. First, she will make sure you get accepted by her family by formally introducing you to them. She will be honest with them and tell them the reasons why she chooses you as her husband. As a result, there’s a great chance that her parents will welcome you to the family.

And that’s not too far from happening considering the emphasis on familial connections in Thailand.

Besides, when you build a family of your own, a Thai woman will make it a priority. She’s not someone who will easily give up and end the marriage once major problems arise. She’s someone committed to putting herself aside for the sake of keeping the family together.

4.   She’s loyal and faithful.

Keep a keen eye and you’ll discover how a lot of Thai women are loyal and faithful.

You’ve probably heard of bad stereotypes about Thai women being hookers who receive money from different foreign men. Unfortunately, there are some people who choose to work in this kind of industry, most commonly those women you meet at the bar or clubs.

But a Thai woman looking for a serious relationship and marriage is the most devoted wife you could ever have.

5.   She has feminine energy.

A close up photo of a smiling Thai woman. One of the ways that make Thai women captivating is how much they embrace their femininity.

Some of the most feminine women you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting are from Thailand.

While masculine energy is defined as being action-oriented, feminine energy is more flowing and dynamic. Thai women, who are known for their feminine energy, can be soft and empathetic. They are sensitive to your emotions and care about your well-being.

Here are some more characteristics of a feminine Thai woman:

  • Sensitive to her own feelings and emotions

  • Has good communication skills

  • Helpful, sweet, and warm

  • Shows humility and vulnerability

  • Has creative ways of doing things and coming up with solutions

  • Can offer advice from a feminine woman’s perspective

Cons of Marrying a Thai Woman:

As great as it is, a marriage with a Thai woman does have its drawbacks.

1.   You might need to relocate to Thailand.

Relocating to Thailand can be both a pro and a con when it comes to marrying a Thai woman. It’s a double-edged sword: you leave the comfort of your home country but you’ll enjoy living in the more affordable and warm Thailand. At some point, you will both need to decide where to settle and live.

A large number of foreign men decide to stay in their home country bringing their wives along. You can do the same if you and your future wife think it’s what’s best for your life together.

If you’re open to living in Thailand though, your Thai wife will be more than happy since she won’t have to leave her family and loved ones.

2.   A Thai woman can get extremely jealous.

You may have heard about Thai women being extremely jealous of their men. A mistrusting attitude is a typical trait of a Thai woman, especially if she has been cheated on in the past.

Also, if you decide to move to Thailand, you will be around a lot of gorgeous Thai ladies. And it’s only natural for a woman to feel insecure and threatened.

She’ll likely snap at anyone flirting with you the moment she sees it. Or, she might get a little bit possessive and may check in on you more frequently.

If you’re confident that you can be faithful in a relationship, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. As long as you don’t flirt around other girls, you’ll eventually earn her trust.

3.   There might be differences in religious beliefs.

A Thai woman in white dress holding a hat. Difference in religious beliefs is among the disadvantages of marrying a Thai woman.

Different religious beliefs can be a deal breaker for many. When marrying a Thai woman, you should know that she might not have the same religion or principles as you. That may be a huge issue for you.

What if you’re not the spiritual type? How will you tell your Thai wife you’re uncomfortable seeing statues and other religious relics around your house?

To be truly ready to marry a Thai woman, this is one issue you need to sort out early on in the relationship.

4.   The language barrier might cause serious miscommunication.

Don’t underestimate the impact the language barrier will have on your marriage. Speaking to someone who doesn’t completely understand what you are saying can feel like you’re talking to a brick wall.

They say communication is the most important thing in a relationship. That’s if you can even communicate at all.

Thais are not known for their English proficiency, so you are going to have to be extra patient with her or you will need to get good at speaking Thai, which isn’t the easiest of languages for English speakers.

The language is definitely a con, but something your undying love for her and some serious effort can definitely overcome.

5.   She may become too dependent on you.

As previously stated, a Thai woman will most probably stay at home to perform housewife duties. By then, she will solely depend on you when it comes to financial matters. She may ask for money to buy groceries, medicines, and even her personal needs.

If you marry a traditional Thai woman, you should expect that she will rely on you in terms of her and your own family’s financial needs.

Marriage Isn’t Just Felt, It’s Planned

Once you understand the pros and cons of marrying a Thai woman, you can begin to manage your expectations. If a Thai wife is truly for you, then you will feel successful and satisfied with your marriage.

But whether it’s a marriage to a Thai woman or any kind of woman, don’t just lean on your heart to make decisions. Talk to your girlfriend and ask her what she wants out of life and for her future. Then come together and plan accordingly. You’ll know if she is for you when she shows that she has your future and best interests at heart.

But still, deciding does not end on weighing things alone. At some point, you need to just do and actualize things to turn them into a reality.

If a marriage with a Thai woman is something you’ve been dreaming of, with careful planning and consideration, you shouldn’t let fear and doubt stop you.

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