How to Plan a Trip to Thailand the Right Way

A Buddha statue, a common sight on a trip to Thailand With the internet and so many airline options, planning a trip to Thailand has never been easier. However, the key to a memorable trip is a fantastic itinerary.

Picking a travel destination feels like you’re forced to choose among your favorite dishes. You have a ton of options, but at the same time, you’re torn. You can’t predict when your preferences will change.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, we suggest booking a trip to Thailand. Over the years, the Land of Smiles has become popular amongst travelers for many reasons. Last year alone, 11.15 million foreign tourists were visiting the country.

Considering that the world was shut down for two years, that figure is huge!

What’s not to like about this Southeast Asian nation? The food is excellent, the beaches are stunning, and the weather is always pleasant. Do you want to give this country a visit? If so, we’ll help with planning your trip with this entry.

Crafting a Great Travel Itinerary

Thai travel plans involve more than choosing a destination, booking tickets and stays, and boarding flights. As much as we want to relax during our trips, we should all come prepared for them.

Before we start naming our recommendations, let’s discuss the importance of travel itineraries first. Why do people follow them?

Itineraries exist for essential reasons, and people traveling to the Land of Smiles don’t follow them for fun.

One, they help us make the most of our time. It’s highly advisable to include travel times to give some room for unpredictable elements like traffic and weather. This way, people won’t waste any second during their trips, adding flexibility to their plans.

Check this box by staying updated on estimated travel times when exploring Thailand’s tourist spots. Should you plan to travel from one city to another, indicate the estimated length/duration of travel. Your schedules will be much more organized this way.

Two, itineraries make for manageable spending. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand on a budget, don’t fly out without having an itinerary. They help estimate travel costs, therefore keeping expenses in order.

Three, itineraries make traveling around Thailand quicker. Why? By listing their stops (and their details), we’ll have a faster time plotting their directions. Your trip to Thailand will be much better if you know where you’re going.

People waiting for their luggage Don’t leave for your destination without a travel itinerary.

Four, tourists can better sort out their priorities. Here’s a friendly reminder: as much as we try, we can’t visit all the places on our bucket lists. Itineraries will help you choose where to go so you won’t miss out on your wants.

And lastly, itineraries make sure you won’t forget your essentials. They usually list important details like must-haves (clothes, medicines, etc.) and contact information.

How to Make an Itinerary Worth Sticking To

If you don’t know how to plan a travel itinerary, these steps should nudge you in the right direction:

Pick your destination

What will your trip be without a destination? Some already have one in mind, while others can’t decide from their pool of choices. Whatever your choice is, this first step requires you to pick a place and stick to it.

Are you touring Thailand for a new cultural experience? Cities like Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai may interest you. If you prefer more tropical settings, Pattaya and Phuket are your best bets. Do you just want a big-city feel? Look no further than Bangkok.

Most (if not all) Thai cities have something to offer for every tourist. Make sure to choose a destination that fits your wants and needs.

Choose your dates

Have you figured out when to fly out to your destination? Do you know how long you want to stay there?

This step should answer these questions. Times and dates will help you decide which (realistic) attractions and activities to include in your list since some are time-sensitive ones.

Thailand has three seasons, namely: hot (March to May), wet (May to October), and cool (November to February). Most recommend visiting the country from November to early April because due to good weather.

Have a set budget

How much do you plan to spend on your trip to Thailand?

Get your budget right by determining your fixed expenses first. This includes accommodation and transport. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll realize how much you can spend on other costs like food and leisure.

At present, the average daily cost of a Thai vacation per person is ฿4,089 (or $119). If you’re planning a week-long stay in the country, expect to shell out ฿28,520 ($830). Are you visiting the Land of Smiles for a week as a couple? Prepare a minimum of ฿57,075 ($1,661).

These amounts are subject to change at any moment. With that, make sure to bring more than enough money for your trip

Research, research, research

Once you have your destination, dates, and budget settled, do your homework by researching. The internet is your friend, so use it well!

But before you scour for information, figure out the type of experience you want first. Do you want to do what the locals do, or will you stick to beloved tourist spots? The next step becomes much easier when you’re sure about what you want.

Note your activities and attractions

A snapshot of a beach Are you planning a trip to Thailand? Make sure to include its beautiful beaches on your itinerary!

Consider this step as the fun part of itinerary making.

Look for spots to hang out and activities to do in your chosen destination. But here’s a little disclaimer: top search engine results don’t always have what you’re looking for. They may only redirect to booking platforms providing basic information.

We recommend reading detailed accounts from folks who’ve actually visited your chosen destination. In this case, look for people who’ve made blogs describing their trip to Thailand. If you think written descriptions aren’t enough, you can watch videos for a more engaging explanation.

Don’t forget to keep track of your ideas! You can write them down in a notebook or save them in a Doc file.

Get your flight, transportation, and accommodation in order

You can book your flights since you already know your trip’s dates. When you reach this juncture, we recommend this one first since they’re usually the most expensive cost during trips.

After booking your flights, you can move on to your accommodation. Check out different websites to compare rates and selections.

Do your homework on your destination’s transport as well. We suggest researching their public transport options while looking at car rental rates (should you prefer the latter).

Fit everything in a calendar

Gather and organize all your details in a calendar. This makes your itinerary easier to follow.

Planning a Trip to Thailand

Now that you know how to make a travel itinerary, you can finally work on planning your Thailand trip itself. Here’s everything to consider before heading down to this Southeast Asian gem:

Determine the best time to visit

Now that you have an idea about the best time to visit Thailand, look at your calendar to see if you can squeeze in a Thai vacation. Once you spot a favorable day/week/month, block them out and insert your trip there. Make sure you don’t have conflicts like doctor’s appointments and work presentations.

Research and obtain relevant documents

Passport with stamps If you want to learn how to plan a trip to Thailand, don’t skip this step.

As of writing, Thailand grants a visa-free 45-day entry to tourists from various countries. Check verified sources online for the list of eligible nations. Your passport should have at least six months of validity for hassle-free entry.

Figure out how to access your money

Before you depart for your trip to Thailand, let your bank know you’ll be heading abroad for a while. Why? Some banks may not allow overseas charges, so it’s best to give them a head’s up first. They may also take additional fees on ATM transactions, so it’s best to ask them long before you leave.

Since we’re on the subject of ATMs, they’re pretty easy to find in Thailand. Just check if you can switch a machine’s menu to English for less stressful transactions.

Many hotels, malls, restaurants, and other commercial establishments accept major credit cards. However, bring some cash with you ― especially if you plan to shop at small stalls.

Pack the necessary items

Thailand’s warm weather calls for comfortable clothes. Pack pieces made of cotton, linen, and other lightweight materials.

Should you visit temples and other sacred institutions, bring long dresses that cover your shoulders. We also suggest bringing slip-on sandals so you can take them on and off easily. Is hiking part of your agenda? Pack a light windbreaker and hike-friendly footwear.

Since Thailand is a tropical country, don’t forget to bring sunscreen! Your skin will appreciate not getting burned by sunlight.

We hope you’ve learned how to plan a trip to Thailand with this guide. We assure you it’s a place worthy of any tourist’s time and attention.

Do you want a hassle-free adventure? Join our Bangkok tours! We guarantee everyone a safe and sound experience as you explore Thailand’s majestic capital city. Sign up now to get started!

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