Essential Thai Phrases to Woo a Thai Woman

A photo of a couple going on a day trip in Thailand. Having an assortment of handy Thai phrases up your sleeve won’t just help you navigate the country as a tourist, it will help you impress the Thai woman of your dreams!

When you’re in love with a Thai woman, you’ll do anything to break the barriers between you.

You will cross oceans, learn her culture, and even learn her language, all to sweep her off of her feet.

But why would you learn her language when you can get your point across just fine in English? And will simple Thai phrases be enough to convey your sincere interest in her?

Firstly, it shows that you care enough about her to make her culture yours. Second, the more time you spend in Thailand to be with her, the more you’ll need to get around, and speaking a bit of Thai will be essential. Lastly, her family may not speak English, so speaking Thai will go a long way to getting in their good graces.

But learning to speak Thai is no walk in the park. So, we’ve gathered the most essential and basic Thai phrases which you can immediately put to use in your dating life. We’ve also added a few Thai phrases you can use to get around while romancing your Thai sweetheart.

Tips for Learning Thai Phrases

Before we get started, you’re going to need to keep a few things in mind when learning Thai phrases.

  1. Remember the words Ka (pronounced as Khaa) and Khrup (pronounced as khrap). Ka is used to address females, and khrup is used for males. It’s advisable to end your sentences with either of these two words to sound polite and respectful.

  2. Another tip is to try out different resources when practicing Thai phrases. For example, you can watch video tutorials, read Thai language course books, use a language translation app, or even ask for help from a Thai friend.

  3. The intonation, or the rising and falling of the voice, of the Thai language can be a challenge, especially for beginners. This is why it’s important to practice with an audio resource or talk with a Thai person so you can pick up these subtleties.

Video tutorials are great since you won’t just be able to listen to the pronunciation, you’ll be able to see and observe the tongue movement of the speaker as well.

Of course, nothing helps you pick up a language faster than going to Thailand and immersing yourself in the local scene.

A photo of a gorgeous smiling Thai woman. Don’t fret. Even your simple Thai will be enough to make her smile.

Thai Phrases to Impress a Thai Girl

If you’re looking for a Thai girlfriend or currently dating one, speaking Thai can be a powerful way to tell her how sincere your intentions are. Start with these basic Thai phrases and put a smile on her face:

  • You are special.
    Khun ben kon pis-ed khrup

    Make her feel that you’re serious about her. Thai women can be jealous especially if they think that you’re dating other girls. Telling her that she’s special will give her a sense of confidence and security.

  • I love you.
    Phom rak khun khrup

    If you feel ready to say those three words, try it in Thai. Surprise your Thai girlfriend/date with a random “I love you.”

  • Kiss.

  • I want to kiss you.
    yàak jòop kun

  • Can I kiss you?
    kŏr jòop nòi dâai măi

    These lines comes in handy when you feel it’s the perfect moment to kiss your Thai date or girlfriend. Don’t miss your chance. A subtle way of asking permission won’t hurt!

  • You are cute.
    Khun naa rak khrup.

  • Very beautiful.
    Sway mak

  • You have a beautiful/wonderful smile.
    Khun yim suu-way khrup

  • You have beautiful eyes.
    Dtar khun suu-way mak khrup

    You’ll never go wrong with compliments. Have these in your back pocket in case you want to make your date blush.

  • I really like you.
    Phom chorp khun mak khrup

    You can use this line either in face-to-face conversation or through a text message. But if you feel ready to confess your fondness for a Thai girl, it’s best to tell her in person. Muster the courage to say this line and pull it off as much as you can.

  • Do you have a boyfriend?
    Khun me faen mai

Sometimes, you just want to be sure a lady is single before making the moves on her. This phrase will do the trick.

  • Let’s eat together.
    Pai taan khao duai gan na khrup/ka

  • Would you like a drink?
    Ja deum arai mai

    If you want to ask a Thai girl out without coming off as too aggressive, then ask her to hang out over a drink or a snack.

  • I miss you.
    Khit thueng khun khrup/ka

  • Sweet dreams.
    Faan dee

  • Take care of yourself.
    Duu lae dua-eng duai na khrup/ka

    Here are phrases of affection you can use once you know something is going on between you romantically. These are phrases you can use to pull on her heartstrings.

Getting Contact Information

Whether you meet her at a club or at an event, you’ll eventually have to ask her for her phone number.

  • Can I ask for your phone number?
    Cor ber tho-ra-sap kong khun dai mai khrup

Expressing Relationship Status

Here are Thai words that describe your relationship status:

  • Single

  • Boyfriend
    fan nùm

  • Girlfriend
    fan saao

  • Divorcee
    Hya rang

  • Widower
    paw maai

To Profess and Propose

Here are phrases you’ll need when you want to take your relationship to the next level:

  • To confess your love
    sărapâp rák

  • To ask someone to be in a relationship
    kăw kób

  • To get married
    tàeng ngan

Sweet Thai Endearments

  • Dear
    tîi rák

  • Sweetheart
    wǎan jai

  • My love
    khon dii

Basic Thai Greetings

  • Hi or Hello
    Sawadee Kap/Khrup

    Use this to respectfully greet the Thai locals. Top it off with a slight bow while pressing both your palms together.

  • How are you?
    Sa bai dee mai khrup/ka

    Asking “How are you” is a typical greeting for Westerners. In Thai, it can be both a mere form of greeting or a conversation starter.

  • What is your name?
    Kun chuu arai?

  • My name is __ .
    Pŏm / Chán chuu __.

    In this case, males use “pom” while females use the word “chan” before their names. For example, “My name is John” in Thai is “Pom chuu John.”

  • Thank You!
    kap kun kap/ khrup

  • You’re welcome!
    Yin Dee kap/khrup

    This Thai greeting is the shortened version of “yin dii tii dai roojak”. In situations where you want to say “my pleasure” or “delighted”, the shortened phrase “Yin Dee kap/krup” should apply.

  • Good Night
    ra tree sawat

    In casual conversations, the Thai goodnight “guut nai" is frequently used by Thai native speakers. It’s a borrowed English word. If you want to challenge yourself though, you can use the formal version “ra tree sawat”.

  • Good Morning
    sawatdee tohn chao

    Saying good morning in Thai can be like asking someone “Have you eaten yet". For a more slightly polite version, you can say “taan khaao rue yang”.

  • Goodbye!
    La gorn khrup/ka

In a similar situation, you can also say “wai juh gan” which translates to “Take care, see you.”

  • Yes / No
    Chai / Mai Chai

    Don’t take the little things for granted, knowing how to say yes or no in Thai is important. While a simple shake or nod of the head is often enough to convey the message, saying it will make you feel like a true Thai at heart.

Travel and Directions

A crowded street in the downtown area. Knowing a bit of Thai will help you navigate the busy streets of Thailand.

Wandering around the streets of Thailand requires some experience and a little knowledge of the Thai language. In case you’re going out on a date with a Thai woman, this list of Thai phrases for tourists should be helpful for any setting and conditions.

  • Where Is The Bathroom?

  • Do you use the meter?
    Chai meter mai

  • Go to the airport.
    Bpai sanam bin

  • I’m lost.
    Long tahng

  • Turn Left / Turn Right
    lee-yo-sigh/ lee-yo-kwa

  • Slow Down.

  • Stop / Go
    Yut / Bai

  • Go straight.
    Dtrong bpai

  • Station

  • Bus stop
    Bpaai rot mee

  • Bus
    Rot mee

  • I can’t speak Thai well.
    poot paa-saa tai mai kôi gàyng

  • I speak a little bit of Thai.
    Poot passah Thai nit noy khrup/ka

  • Do you speak English?
    Poot passah Angrit dy my khrup/ka

  • Can you do a discount?
    Lod dy my khrup/ka

  • Where is the market?
    Dalat, yoo tinie khrup/ka

  • Where is the train station?
    Settanee rot fy, yoo tinie khrup/ka

  • How much does it cost?
    Ra ka tao rai khrup/ka?

While there’s a variety of translations you can find online, these Thai phrases are selected based on frequency and usability. If you’re not feeling confident with your pronunciation, you have plenty of time and opportunity to practice. You can even ask your Thai date to teach you. Once she sees that you’re trying to learn her language, she will feel that you’re willing to establish a deeper connection with her.

Simple Thai Phrases for Dining

A close-up photo of Thai food on a restaurant table. Don’t miss out on these simple Thai phrases you can use when dining at a restaurant.

On date nights at Thai restaurants, you’ll need to know how to communicate with the restaurant staff. Thai food comes in a diverse array of flavors and spice levels. It also uses many different ingredients, some of which you might be allergic to. Here are simple Thai phrases you can use to navigate the dining experience:

  • May I have the menu?
    Aow meenuu noi?

  • I would like to order.
    sang aa-haan

  • What do you recommend?
    Mii-mee-nuu-náe-nam-mái khrup/ka?

  • No Sugar.
    Mai Sai Nam Tam.

  • I Like It A Little Bit Spicy.
    Chawp Pet Noi

  • Not Spicy.
    Mai phet

  • Really Spicy
    phet mak

  • Water

  • Delicious

  • Cold

  • Hot

  • Hungry

  • Vegetarian
    Mawng sa vee rat

  • Vegan
    Gin jay

  • I am vegan.
    chan gin jey khrup/ka.

  • I am vegetarian.
    chan gin mangsawerat khrup/ka.

  • No fish sauce.
    mai sai naam bplaa khrup/ka.

  • Check, please.
    check bin khrup/ka.

  • Restaurant
    Raan aahaan

  • Café
    Raan gaafee

Do You Need to Learn Thai Phrases Dating in Thailand?

The complexity of the Thai language can make one hesitant to learn.

The Thai language uses a tonal system. This means that you need to put the right emphasis on the pitch and sound of each syllable. A change in intonation could change the meaning of the word entirely.

This makes it more challenging for foreigners to learn the language. Besides the tone, the Thai alphabet is yet another huge challenge. The unfamiliar set of characters can be intimidating even for multilinguists.

The language has regional variations as well. When you scour the internet for Thai phrases, you will come across an overwhelming number of differences in translations, not to mention grammar rules and language nuances.

So, going back to the question, is it required to learn Thai phrases when dating in Thailand? The plain answer is no.

One of the many perks of dating a Thai woman is that she will try to hold a conversation with you in English, even if she isn’t very fluent. While Thais in general aren’t fluent in English, they will do their best to accommodate you and other foreign-speaking individuals.

Learning Thai Phrases with a Thai Woman.

The more you learn Thai, the better you position yourself to successfully date Thai women.

But as a foreigner traveling in Thailand, it’s just a lot more practical to know the basics. Foreigners to any country have to expect the unexpected, such as falling for scams or getting into misunderstandings.

But if you’re a hopeless romantic, then your interest in learning the Thai language is the perfect excuse to bond with your Thai crush. Ask her to teach you and she will gladly oblige.

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