How to Approach a Woman in Thailand | 4 Surefire Tips

A man approaching a woman in a restaurant. Don’t know how to approach a woman in Thailand? Follow these tips to help break the ice with a gorgeous Thai woman!

A lot of men fail when it comes to approaching women. Unless the woman makes the first move, it can often be a hit-and-miss situation. This is especially true when it comes to approaching women in Thailand considering the relatively conservative and traditional culture.

So, what do you do when you find an attractive Thai woman at a café or bar? Do you directly ask for her number? Or do you just watch her from a corner simply because you don’t know what to do or say?

You wouldn’t want to come off like a creep staring for too long. If you’re a foreigner looking for love overseas, you need to arm yourself with the basic tips on how to approach a woman successfully in Thailand.

Why do most men fail at approaching women?

An upset woman standing next to a man. A lot of men fail when approaching a woman. Remember these hacks and tips to help you get you a good start.

Most men fail at approaching women for two very basic reasons: arrogance (macho attitude) and disrespect. One thing that men have to understand when approaching Thai girls, or women in general is that women don’t like to be treated as objects. Avoid saying things like “You look hot in your dress.’’ At least not for the first time.

Of course, compliments work wonders when approaching women. But, try to keep it casual and respectful by not sounding erotic or sexual.

Also, a lot of men think that women play hard to get. Even when her body language shows that she’s uncomfortable, an arrogant man might ignore that and push through. This is an obvious sign of disrespect for boundaries which is a major turn-off for women.

Here’s How to Approach a Woman Successfully in Public.

Respect and politeness are universal across most, if not all dating cultures. When approaching a woman in Thailand, you must bear these two things in mind so you’ll never go wrong.

Now that you get the basic idea, here are some surefire tips on how to approach a woman in public, especially when eyeing a Thai woman.

Make Eye Contact.

So, how do you make eye contact without coming across as creepy or weird? Let’s try to imagine this scenario:

You’re sitting at a café and an attractive Thai woman comes in. Make an observation. Is she with someone? It’s best to approach her when she’s by herself. See if she’s busy or preoccupied with something. If this is the case, then she might not be interested in talking to anyone, let alone entertaining a stranger.

Wait for her to stand or make her way to the counter. Subtly follow her, and act as if you’re getting something from the counter. Give her time to notice you. Until then, make eye contact, smile, and casually say hi.

Don’t Approach from the Front or Behind.

Thai women are generally shy and reserved. Approaching from the front or behind can be intimidating. Make a smooth entrance from the side.

For example, when you want to approach a Thai woman sitting at a bar counter, don’t hover around her back. You can sit on one of the chairs along the row. Make sure not to sit too close. Remember that your initial goal is to get noticed. So, you don’t get to sit too close uninvited.

Give Your Contacts Instead of Asking Hers.

Men seeking advice on how to approach women are told to ask for their phone numbers right away. That approach, however, can make Thai women or women generally uncomfortable. You wouldn’t want to make her feel pressured, right?

So give her your contact details instead. This will give her time to decide whether or not she’s interested in further correspondence with you. If you don’t receive any calls or messages, take it as a sign that she’s not interested at all.

This is way better than having to face an upfront rejection and embarrassment in case she doesn’t give her contacts.

Start with a Simple Hello.

A simple greeting with a smile makes all the difference. Observe how she reacts when you greet her.

Does she smile back? Or Does she walk away? Does she look you in the eye? Was it direct or averted? Try to look out for the smallest things. The key is in the details.

Observe her body language too. Is she relaxed, stiff, or comfortable? These non-verbal cues tell you whether it’s okay to strike up a conversation or not.

Once you sense an inviting cue, casually introduce yourself.

What to Say When Approaching a Woman in Thailand?

A cheerful Thai woman enjoying her beverage at a café. One of the most clever ways to approach a girl in Thailand is using simple Thai phrases for greetings.

The best way to approach a woman as a foreigner is by using Thai phrases for greetings. You might not get the right pronunciation at first, but it’s the effort that counts. Thai women appreciate a foreign man who tries to speak their language.

Many of them are not very confident with their English speaking skills, so greeting them using Thai phrases is a great way to break the ice.

Sawasdee khap (“Hello!’’)

You don’t have to use this in your first approach. If you aren’t yet comfortable, you can go with the simple “Hi’’. As you begin to have a conversation, you can show off with a few Thai phrases and ask her to check your pronunciation or to even teach you more phrases.

kop khun krap (“Thank you.”)

This is an expression that comes in handy. If you want to sound polite and respectful, use this expression and practice it beforehand.

Sabai dee mai (“How are you?’’)

This is one of the basic Thai phrases you need to remember if you’re thinking of approaching Thai women. If she responds in straight Thai, don’t freak out. Keep your cool and joke that it’s actually the only phrase you know.

You also need to keep in mind that Thai women appreciate it when you talk a little bit slowly for them to catch up. It’s not advisable to just assume that they understand English before you even hear them talk.

Approaching a Woman Successfully Takes Mastery.

These tips and tricks on how to approach a woman mean nothing if you don’t put them into practice. Breezing through approaching a woman takes time, effort, and courage.

But, you don’t have to fret about getting insulted when approaching Thai women since they are one of the most pleasant and humble types. Browse our site for more dating tips to help you build a relationship with your dream Thai woman!

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